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Did the picture give it away? It probably did. Have you ever been in a conversation where they're talking about a movie or T.V. show (let's say The Goonies) and the minute you so much as breathe the fact that you've never seen it, you get pounced on with absolute disbelief? "You've never seen The Goonies!? What's wrong with you? How's that even possible?" Well, that's Game of Thrones for me. I've never seen it in the entirety of its existence. I know of it, I know that everyone has somehow seen it despite it being on a network you have to pay extra for.

I didn't want to pay the extra or exert any sort of effort to seek out episodes of Game of Thrones. I was fine without it. At least, that's what I thought. But the minute I mentioned to my co-workers that I've never seen it, I suddenly realized that I should probably see it at some point.

Couple that with various references to some Khaleesi something or other in various shows or how my little cousin takes her baths in boiling hot water because she's a mother of dragons, I'm just left thoroughly confused.

This was in the show, right?
This was in the show, right?

From what I've been told, it's a very good show. Apparently, it's a cross genre hit of some sort and it has everything a fantasy fan needs in life, blades and boobs. According to various Tumblr GIF sets I've seen, they also like moons and stars which I can only assume is a reference to the popular cereal brand Lucky Charms who might be a sponsor of the show.

Whatever the case, according to my friends my not watching of this show is a black mark on my pop culture nerdness because of the impact it's had on pop culture in general. That may be true or maybe I just need new friends. Either way, this has been a confession. I'm sorry buff horse riding guy, naked dragon mom, and weird sister brother touching.......I've never seen you.


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