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Shortly after the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, rumours started to circulate of a Superman game set in the same universe as the Arkham series.

From Lex Luthor, to Metropolis posters and even a reference from a thug, Superman has been all but confirmed to exist in the Arkhamverse, and fans are impatiently waiting for Rocksteady to announce the game.

After weeks of speculation a rumoured screenshot of the anticipated game was leaked, but was sadly a hoax.

As one eagle eyed fan pointed out, the costume is in fact a skin from 2013's Injustice; Gods Among Us.

Weeks later, after hearing nothing but rumours, new concept art was leaked online and no one was quite sure what to make of it!

The artwork reveals a completely original look for The Man of Steel, as well as confirming that Brainiac will appear in the game.

A few days later, more concept art was leaked, giving us more art of Superman, as well as confirming Doomsday and an image of a space battle

The image confirms that the title, or working title, of the video game is Superman; Unbound. Most likely a working title considering that there is an animated feature film named Superman; Unbound that also features Brainiac.

Not only revealing the name and characters of this game, the image confirms that Warner Bros. Games Montreal is in fact developing the spin off. Montreal are a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and famous for releasing the prequel instalment of the Arkham Series, Batman; Arkham Origins.

For those wondering about the writing over the image and who is Robic, I've done some research and found that ROBIC is in fact an Intellectual Property firm... located in Montreal.

While the concept art can be fan made, we then had even more evidence, courtesy of a freelance animators LinkedIn profile.

Kieran Turan updated his LinkedIn profile to include that he recently worked on - Troubleshooting and repair of the 3D facial rig for the upcoming "Superman" videogame title for GameOn Audio.
Now if you visit his profile you can clearly see that this has been removed!
What is also interesting is that GameOn Audio worked on Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origins.

If all of this wasn't enough, Warner Bros. Montreal have announced that they are working on a secret, action open world video game for the next generation of consoles.

It's becoming more apparent that the concept is not fan made and could actually be the real art work for the upcoming Superman game. Although we have not heard an announcement yet, Origins and Knight were both announced around Springtime so we may have to wait patiently for an announcement next year.

Will we ever see this rumoured Superman game, or are we forever stuck with Superman64...


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