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Hi all never ever would have thought that i was going to wright an article about one of my favorite hobbies besides making music.
And also its my first so dont be to hard on me!

I wanted to do a small post about the Reason why Thor will not be in the Civil war Movies.
My co-blogger before me did a funny piece on a twitter feed in wich people made a fun fantasy about what that reason was.

First of Props for the writer!
It was worth sharing and funny though everybody is entitled to his own opinion.
The article stirred up some serious discussions and questions about why and how Thor wil not be part of Civil war.
Let me try to explain:


The following is going to happen to Thor according to the Comic books Civil war and Ragnarok.
(Though if i know Marvel they will do it different anyway but i hope this clear some stuff up for a lot of people!)

According to the Ragnarok comics events Thor will be MIA (Missing in Action) During the events of Civil War.
He is Presumed Dead by Tony stark and Tony joins forces with Hank Pym to create a clone from a hair wich contains Thors DNA.
Henceforth comes RAGNAROK!

Yes The Clone they have Created is promised to replace Thor during Civil war only to Kill Goliath during his first dispersion.
"That was not supposed to happen" says Tony short after Goliath falls.
The cyborg clone will be shattered by Hercules during the ending of the Civil War events only to be rebuild and after that get his own evil consiousnes known as Ragnarok.

Back to Thor!
Thor will make his reappearance after the events of Civil War and wil live a long life until the closing of the events of Fear Itself #07 in wich Thor dies to be replaced by Tanarus in "Shattered Heroes".

I hope this helped some of you out a bit!
Share your thoughts on the matter and be nice we are all humans and not perfect.
And so is my English not perfect either lol!


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