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It's been two years since director Michael Dougherty surprised horror fans with the announcement of a sequel to his 2007 horror anthology. Trick 'r Treat quickly became a fan favorite and has since become somewhat of a cult classic within the genre. However, two years with no update was starting to look suspicious and many people, including myself, were beginning to wonder exactly when the sequel would hit. Well, we now have gotten a new update from Dougherty that the project is still on. It just ran into a couple snags along the way.

When the announcement of the sequel was made, Dougherty was in the midst of writing his screenplay for the Christmas themed horror film, Krampus, which is set to hit theaters this December. Basically Krampus had to be completed and now that the release is coming up rather soon he has begun to tease the anthology sequel once again.

Dougherty recently talked to IGN about the future of the project:

"I want to get it right. I don’t want to rush it. We do have a comic book that’s coming out this October, which sort of acts like, I hate to use the word prequel, but it expands the universe a little bit, in that we sort of explore the long history of Halloween, before the first film. It’s four different stories – one is set in ancient Ireland, one is 1950s Los Angeles, there’s one in the 1800s in the Old West and one is contemporary suburbia, traditional Halloween. In the stories we sort of explore how Halloween was shaped and guided by Sam.

The skeleton of the sequel is there, and right now it’s really four different stories – with the exception of Sam, who serves as that intertwining link. I do think it’s important that if you’re new to Trick ‘r Treat that you can sit down and watch it without the baggage of the first one. But that’s not to say that we won’t have some threads that tie everything together or maybe some characters from the other film might pop up in some fashion. Maybe some characters from Krampus might show up, who knows."

So there we have it. No real telling exactly when Trick 'r Treat 2 will arrive, but it is still in development. I suppose that's better than nothing. I know I'm sure excited!


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