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One of my favorite books as a kid was the American Chillers series written by Jonathan Rand. There are currently 40 books in this series, each taking place in a different state with different monsters (or human enemies) in each. Some of the more popular publications are Michigan Mega-Monsters, Florida Fog Phantoms and Terrible Tractors of Texas.

Each book comes equipped with new characters, new stories and, best of all, new monsters. The question is, why is there not a movie based on these books yet? We don't need 50 movies, one for each state. All we need is one big movie tying most (if not all) of these books together.

Here are 10 reasons why an American Chillers movie would be astonishingly worth seeing and why we need one now.

1. A practically unlimited number of monsters to use

With over 40 books so far, and more coming, the filmmakers will have an assortment of monsters to bring into the film. They won't ever have to start needlessly reusing the same monsters over and over again. There would always be a new one for them to use during each scene of the movie.

2. A wide setting to use for the movie (50 states, to be exact)

Since each monster comes from a different state, it is likely that the film could take place while traveling across the United States. This would allow the movie to keep moving without having to repeat the same locations. Each location would be different and would provide variety to the settings.

3. An assortment of different types of monsters

One of the cool things about American Chillers is that very few of the monsters are similar. There are so many different kinds of creatures. Some are ghosts, some are zombies, some are animals, some are giants and even some are vacuums. This variety would make it so the creatures wouldn't get old. As soon as the audience is tired of the Iron Insects invading Indiana, suddenly the focus would change to the Night Dragons of North Dakota. It would just go on and on without the audience getting tired of the same thing over and over again.

4. The New York Ninjas

I don't know about you, but I love ninjas. The cool thing about them in American Chillers is that they are amongst the few (if not only) 'creatures' that are actually human. This would provide even more variety and a larger human element to the events that are unfolding. Plus, come on, they're ninjas. Ninjas can make practically any movie better.

5. An uneasy 'no-escape' feeling throughout

With all the monsters from different states, each with their own abilities, the protagonists of the film would never truly be safe. They would keep trying to escape, only to find themselves in the reach of a new monster. Some of the monsters are short, some are tall, some can swim, some can fly and some can even turn invisible. The odds would almost never be in the favor of the heroes.

6. Some awesome special effects

With Hollywood's CGI technology getting stronger and stronger, there is a good chance that the special effects of this movie would actually be very well done. This would hopefully give us some truly epic looking monsters, including realistic South Carolina Sea Creatures and lifelike Mutant Mammoths from Montana. But, if all else fails, at least we would have a sensible version of the Invisible Iguanas of Illinois (which would obviously be invisible).

7. A well written script

If author Johnathan Rand has held off on a movie for this long, it is probably for good reason. He is either waiting for the right time or for the right script. In fact, there is actually a good chance that, if Rand ever agrees for a movie, it may be under the condition that he writes the script himself. With Jonathan Rand and his impressive writing skills at the helm, there is no telling how magnificent this film could be.

8. A presumably happy ending

Considering that this would most likely be a kids movie, we would not have to worry about the ending as much as most other horror / creature themed films. This movie would give us the happy ending we deserve and have us leaving with a smile. I would definitely prefer this over leaving with tears Rolling across my face over the main character being impaled by the Ogres of Ohio.

9. The possibility of a Michigan-themed sequel

If this movie is as successful as I hope it to be, then why stop there? Johnathan Rand also has a similar, yet lesser known, series titled Michigan Chillers which takes place in different Michigan cities in place of the American states. This could provide fans a potential sequel, prequel or spin off with brand new monsters just waiting to be explored.

10. It would inspire kids to read more, and maybe even write

Author Johnathan Rand reading to a group of kids
Author Johnathan Rand reading to a group of kids

The best part of American Chillers for me as a kid was how well the books were written and how much they inspired me to pursue my own writing career. In today's society, there are screens everywhere. This movie may grab the attention of kids and attract them back to the American Chillers books. Hopefully this would inspire them to read and write, possibly to the point of creating stories of their own.

The American Chillers books were my favorite books as a kid and I would love to see them become one breathtaking movie. It would bring so much nostalgia into my life and inspire kids to read and write like I did. Also, it would be an incredible movie with plenty of variety in different creatures and locations. Plus, let's be honest, who doesn't want to see those Terrible Tractors of Texas on the big screen? That would be hilarious!

What do you think, though? Should there be an American Chillers movie? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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