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Here we go... Marvel is taking the next step in establishing a mature corner of their live-action comic book universe. Last spring, Daredevil shocked the television viewing world with its hard-hitting take on the costumed vigilante. The next series in the pipeline is Jessica Jones, a unique character with a relatively recent history in Marvel Comics. While her low name recognition may make her an odd choice to join the MCU so early, the quality of her story makes her introduction both interesting and significant.

Jessica Jones is being brought to the small-screen by Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter, Twilight), who has a unique history in both film and television which makes her a daring choice to bring the character to life. Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad) has been cast as the title character, unfortunately it seems that they are saving her first reveal for the full trailer. However, this brief footage manages to give a lot of information in a small amount of time. Enjoy the trailer and then check out four things we found to geek out about from the footage!

Shutter Speed

There is probably a lot more behind this seemingly innocuous camera shutter. It is obviously a nod to a private investigator's weapon of choice, which is essentially what Jones traded in her superhero cape for. Since it is so prominently shown, expect her camera, shutter, or perspective, to figure into the plot and subtext of the show.

Alias Investigations

This is the biggest nod to fans of the acclaimed MAX series, which gave writers leeway to tell more adult-oriented stories, full of mature themes and more explicit sexual and violent content. Jessica Jones' comic series was known as Alias for her Alias Investigations business. Clearly the show will be keeping with a lot of the touchstones that writer Brian Michael Bendis created in his stories. It's also important to note the usage of visual effects which are meant to bring to mind the watercolor look of the Alias comics' covers.

Alcoholic Chemical Spill

Marvel Comics has always set themselves apart from the competition by grounding their heroes with real-life problems. Peter Parker struggles with getting to class on time and helping his Aunt pay the bills. Scott Lang has a sick daughter. Bruce Banner has an anger problem... On the movie side, they have touched on some of the issues, while in the case of Tony Stark, they have chosen to essentially ignore his alcoholism. (What a bunch of enablers...) Well, it seems on Netflix, we will get to see some of the ramifications of Jones' Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that has manifested itself in binge drinking, amongst many other ways.

However, that spilling cup could also be signifying something else, equally if not more profound. The dramatic way that the liquid topples and pours over the surface creating the next scene, looks as if it is recalling the chemical spill that gave Jones her powers. Jones' origin story involves her family being killed in a horrific car accident, in which chemicals doused the young Jones and changed her life forever.

The Marvel/Netflix World

It is clear that Marvel and Netflix have settled on a distinct tone in which to market the four characters, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, that will make up the Defenders. All of the characters' exploits will be largely centered around New York's Hell's Kitchen and that is reflected in the marketing of Daredevil. Where he stood in the center of the street, surrounded by the madness of the neighborhood. In this look, Jones seems to be standing in a similar corner while being enveloped in the color purple, which is the calling card of Kilgrave aka the Purple Man, played by Doctor Who's David Tennant. It will be interesting to see if Luke Cage and Iron Fist get their own yellow and green themes. Want some goosebumps? Imagine the Defenders standing side by side on that same dark street. It will be a reality before we know it..

The entire first season of Jessica Jones will be available on Netflix on November 20th, 2015.

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