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Right I am going to be honest I’ve never played Hitman, however I know of him and that the films are based on the video games. I remember the first Hitman and if I am correct this is kind of a prequel, sorry and forgive me if I am wrong.

In this film Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) is looking for Katia (Hannah Ware) who is the geneticist’s daughter who is the maker of the Hitman program. This is because the Syndicate have chosen to locate her in order to find her father to restart the program. While this is happening we see Katia who is always on the run, afraid and alone. We notice that she has some source of special powers and the ability to see what’s coming or happening around her even if it’s in another room. As the hunt continues for Katia, she meets a man called John Smith (Zachary Quinto) he tells her that an agent by the name of 47 is coming to kill her and that she should trust him, not knowing that John is from Syndicate.

Long story short, Agent 47 reaches Katia and takes her, they go to Singapore and Katia meets her father. Not knowing the situation Agent 47 and Katia are told that they are siblings that’s why she has the same powers as well as she has been programmed to be stronger and she is than 47. This was pretty cool to find out about.

They get to the Syndicate to help stop the re-launch of the agents program but unfortunately their father dies while they are trying to stop it. Is John Smith dead? Who knows...!

I thought the film was fun, action packed and interesting to watch. I guess you need to have played the games to understand the story better then what I've tried to explain. However there were many interesting stunts and fight scenes which I enjoyed and most of all it really felt like an actual video game. I really enjoyed the look, feel and style, I was impressed with the way that it came across within the film.

I feel like playing the game now!

I recommend it a watch for those that are into the games; it’s worth watching and for those who like action films. It’s different and so is the story.



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