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So one night when i was about 7 or 8 i was staying at my grandmas house with my mom, we stayed in the guest room I was on the bed and my mom had the air bed. While we were sleeping The fucking power went out, so when we woke up it was pitch black. Let me tell you that, my grandma lived in the butt crack of nowhere with trees everywhere, so we had to use candles. Alot of things happened in such a short time, first i swear i heard whispering in my right ear that was pressed against the mattress, typically my child mind freaked the hell out, i got up and saw my mom wasn't in the room anymore and the door was wide open, i got up and went to look for her some time between getting up and walking out of the room i grabbed a flashlight, my mom was in the bathroom and said she had to pee, and she was freaked out because she heard footsteps behind her while she walked to the bathroom, i went into the kitchen and thought i was someone looking into the sliding glass window, i freaked out and went back to my mom. She was back in the room sleeping So i thought 'hey ill just go back to bed too' biggest.mistake.ever. I layed down and as soon as i did i felt breathing on my face. I was so scared and forced myself to fall asleep. I didnt tell anyone what happened when i woke up in the morning


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