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Hot off of her incredible performance in [Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation](tag:373501), actress Rebecca Ferguson is now being rumored for consideration in the role of a different lady badass -- Captain Marvel.

The rumor is guesswork by Heroic Hollywood, but interesting to consider regardless:

Got a hot tip that Rebecca Ferguson, who is UBERHOT at the moment coming off Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is at the top of Marvel's list to play Captain Marvel.

Now at press time I'm not sure if talks have taken place or if an offer has been made.

However, here is a clue...

Last month she took herself out of the running to be the female lead in Gambit. Instead, she chose to play Anna in the Tate Taylor directed adaptation of Paula Hawkins novel The Girl On The Train with Emily Blunt.

Could she be considering the bigger fish instead over at the MCU?

The heroine's standalone film is set for November 2nd, 2018, but fans have been speculating for a while that we'd see the character turn up much earlier. With the recent departure of Ike Perlmutter, who openly opposed female superheroes in primary roles (let alone standalone movies), we might well see a cameo appearance in an upcoming film, which explains why Marvel might already have a "shortlist" of actresses drafted up.

The studio works fast, as displayed by its effective turnaround in the casting of Tom Holland's Spider-Man, and how quickly he was brought onto set for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). Fluid work like that gives this fan some hope that we'll be seeing Carol Danvers earlier than we thought, if only through glimpses in cameos.

Do you think Rebecca Ferguson would kick ass in the role? Or do you have someone else in mind?

Captain Marvel is due in theaters on November 2, 2018.


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