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At the end of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) we caught a glimpse of a building that was supposed to be SHIELD's new base. This could be a very useful launchpad for a movie for Phase 4 of the MCU or even a Netflix or television series. The actors' contracts may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the MCU has to suffer.

Avengers Academy could be the catalyst that the MCU uses to rise from the ashes of actors who have lives to love ve and are unwilling to be bound to a movie screen. Avengers Academy has a diverse group of heroes to offer for the revival of the MCU.

1. Reptil

You should've seen this coming. I mean, c'mon how is this Hispanic teenager not going to mention Reptil? I feel he offers an entirely different demographic and adds much needed diversity to the MCU, if he ever does make an appearance, it cannot be without at least mentioning the Avengers Academy. Plus, DINOSAURS!

2. Ms. Marvel

How can you deny her a spot in the MCU. We have an *ahem* abundance of White guys! She is not only a girl, but an Inhuman AND she's Muslim. Yay, diversity! And, if she isn't introduced in Captain Marvel, she deserves a spot on Avengers Academy.

3. Mettle

He looks like Red Skull!

4. Finesse

Graduated MIT at the age of 14? Hell yeah the MCU needs her!

5. Spider-Girl

How to introduce Spider-Man without introducing Spider-Man: Introduce Spider-Girl.

6. Striker


7. Lightspeed

She's in the same boat as Striker.

8. White Tiger

Unlike most heroes, she's driven by family pride.

9. Hazmat

Lack of Asians. I swear, there are so many with amazing potential that go unused.

10. Veil

It causes me immense pain to say that she could even replace Kitty Pride in the MCU.

12. Runaways

They are all characters teens can relate to. Plus, they're awesome.

13. Stature

The best thing about her is that she's already been introduced into the MCU! But I stiil am disappointed that we didn't see her go all Godzilla mode, but when she does, I'll sure as hell be there.

I am not saying they should ALL be on a series, or that they should even have a series. The MCU is crowded already to begin with. However, these are just characters that could appeal to adolescents, even minorities (race, gender, or religion-wise), who believe all heroes are White. Avengers Academy could be ground-breaking stuff if given the tools it needs to be as good as it sounds. Like I mentioned earlier, these characters will end up bring the MCU's future once people get tired of the watching the same old movies (take DCs Batman and Superman films, most of which weren't very pleasing at all). In the end, it is up to Marvel Cinematic Universe's House of Ideas.


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