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Ever since FX announced that Lady Gaga would be playing a character in the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel, the internet has been abuzz to say the least.

Some faithful viewers and fans of the previous series have stated that they simply will not watch HOTEL because Gaga is in it. What is it about the singer/songwriter/actress that causes such a reaction? She's talented, creative and is a well recognized brand.

One viewer recently posed the following question on Facebook concerning the trailer "Hallways" below, "Is there a specific reason they have to keep name dropping lady gaga so heavily? ::vomit::"

Well, there are several reasons, but let's cover a few here. First of all, she's famous and having her attached to a project has an immediate impact and viewer reach because of her pop culture status. People who like her and the show will watch it. People who hate her and like the show will watch it out of spite to to see how "awful" she is. Non fans of the American Horror Story series will give it a look because of the controversy that the eccentric performer brings by being in it. Heck, I might even watch the show in one of my outfits from and throw a theme party.

Why does the show push her name so much in their marketing? The simple answer is 'Business 101'; she'll bring in ratings from her extremely large fan base as well as millions of haters. It's all part of an excellent publicity campaign for the show and the network is obviously nailing it because people keep discussing her and the show.

I personally believe people will be surprised as to how well the actress will fit the series and play brilliantly off of the amazing cast. She also fills an underlying musical aspect of the previous seasons as well. Additionally, there are a lot of characters in the cast and there's never truly a focus on just one character.

The returning actors from the previous seasons are what most fans of the show will tune it for. I have a tough time seeing how fans of the previous season's would have issues with what I've seen so far about the season within the promotional materials.

I've been a fan of the American Horror Story since the beginning, so I am curious to hear what other fans of the previous entries might be having issues with concerning what they've seen so far in the newest season promos (aside from the Gaga). It looks pretty AHS to me so far.

Let us know in the comments below if you are planning to watch American Horror Story: Hotel. Does the addition of Lady Gaga in the cast sway your feelings either way about watching the show? Do you think fans will check out of the hotel before Lady Gaga even checks in?


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