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Several of the more questionable news sources cranked up the rumor mill on Wednesday with stories claiming that “Tyler Posey Might Not Star in Teen Wolf Season 7.”

According to Executive Producer Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey, these rumors are completely baseless. Scott McCall is NOT leaving Beacon Hills.

Most of the “reporting” was the same clickbait schlock we’ve come to expect from sites like “Realty Today,” “Design and Trend,” and “Christian Post” but even some of the usually reputable sites like “Seventeen” fueled the false information as well.

Teen Wolf News usually just ignores these false reports, taking a “caveat emptor” approach and answering fans questions directly as they come in. In this case though, both Posey and Davis reached out to reassure fans that those reports are mostly false.

I say "mostly false" because, as with most damaging rumors, there is a grain of truth in all these stories.

It started back on August 24th, when The Hollywood Reporter published a post mortem on the first half of Season 5. In that interview Jeff Davis was asked directly about the future of the show past Season 6.

Q: Do you think the show will probably wrap up after season 6?

JD: I have no idea. [Laughs] Who knows if [that] will be the last season or not. [But] beyond season six, I'd love for someone else to take over the show. If it still has life, if there's still stories to tell, that would be great — [to] see maybe Dylan Sprayberry take over the role of the Teen Wolf and see Tyler Posey move into more of a Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) role. That would be the Degrassi High version.

For some reason, weeks after this was published, many of the aforementioned “news” outlets picked up this statement and, in what I will generously assume was a failure of reading comprehension, thought Davis was addressing Posey’s future on the show.

Posey tweeted about the reports on Wednesday, “Teen Wolf is my baby and I would never leave.”

Davis, in an email to Teen Wolf News, addressed the rumors directly, “When I said ‘beyond season six, I'd love for someone else to take over the show,’ I was talking about me!”

Once Season 6 comes to an end, Davis will have been piloting the Teen Wolf ship for eight years and says he might like a new Executive Producer to step in and take over for any potential future seasons.

While Davis can see himself moving away from Beacon Hills, he says he doesn’t see Scott McCall going anywhere. “I can’t imagine Teen Wolf without Tyler Posey,” Davis says.


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