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David L. Mavrikakis

I am surprised to see all the average reviews on Maggie. To me this film is quite beautiful.

While it is a vastly different take on the Zombie genre. I understand why people may have a problem with it. It is too slow for some and not exactly scary, which may detract for hardcore fans of the genre. They may also be unsatisfied with the ending. I, however, thought it was perhaps the right one and at the right time; one of only two possibilities I felt could work.

Maggie is not about gore, but about emotion. The emotional impact on a father who is impotent to provide help to his daughter, choosing to be there as she slowly reaches her inevitable end. And it is about the emotional impact on a far too young girl who is highly aware it is only a matter of time before she is lost to this frightening disease, her humanity literally decaying away.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is superb in this role. This is perhaps the best he's ever been; a bona fide "actor". And Abigail Breslin is wonderful as the doomed and frightened titular character trying to live out her last days, and in a few cases, to say goodbye.

It may not be perfect for many, but I suggest you watch it if the concept intrigues you. Maggie will sadly either become a hidden gem tucked away in cinematic history to be rediscovered too late, or a cult classic.


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