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We walked into the Maths room to see Sarah Jane and Rose laughing. The Doctor tried to talk to them, but they just continued to laugh at him. I smiled. We walked over to the wires and things. He looped the wires around his neck and scanned it with the screw driver.

"I can't shift it."

"I thought the sonic screwdriver could open anything." Sarah Jane stated.

"Anything except a dead lock seal. There's got to be something inside here. What are they teaching those kids?" A sort of screen popped up. It was multiple lines of code and some sort of green cube.

"You wanted the program, there it is." Sarah looked up at the doctor. He looked at the screen.

"Some sort of code."

"Doctor! It's the Skasis Paradigm! He's trying to make the kids crack it!"

"No." He whispered.

"The what?"

"The Skasis Paradigm. If you crack it, you have complete and utter control of the building blocks of the universe." I explained. "Time, space, matter, you name it is in your complete control."

"What and the kids are like a giant computer?" Asked Rose.

"Yes. And their learning power is being accelerated by the oil! The oil from the kitchens, it works as a...

"Conduction agent."

"Yes, makes the kids cleverer."

"But that oil's on the chips. I've been eating them." Rose said.

"What's fifty Nine times thirty five?"

"Two thousand sixty five. Oh my gosh."

"But why use children? Can't they use adults?" Sarah questioned.

"No, this code needs imagination. Children have the most imagination out of anyone. They're using their brains and their souls." I explained.

"Let the lesson begin." I turned to see Mr. Finch. "Think of it, with the Paradeigm solved, the world becomes clay in our hands. We can shape the universe and improve it."

"I don't want to see you with the face of creation." I said.

"Think of the changes that could be made if this power was used for good!"

"What? And your going to do that?"

"No, but you are. The paradeigm gives us the power, but The Doctor could give us the wisdom, and you, the perfect amount of fight the world needs. Becoming a god and goddess, at my side. Imagine what you could do. Think of the civilizations you could save. Perganon, Ascinta, Your own people. Standing tall. The time lords."

"You don't have a right to even utter their name.' I snapped.

"I could save everyone."

"No, doctor. Don't do it."

"I could stop the war."

"No, doctor. Pain and Loss define us as much as love and joy do." I told him. He just looked off with that far away look. "Everything has it's time. Everything ends." The doctor picked up a chair and threw it at the main screen, breaking it.

"Out!" He yelled. We ran into the lunch room, chased by Mr. Finch and the Krillitane.

"I need the Doctor And Katherine alive. As for the others, you can feast." I jumped up on a table and grabbed ones leg, pulling it down and jumping on it. It fought me. It was then shot and fell to the ground. I turned to see K-9.


"Suggest you engage running mode, Mistress."

"Come on!" I yelled, running the opposite direction. We ran into a classroom and shut the door.

"It's the oil! They can't handle the oil! They change their physiology so much their own oil is toxic to them. How much was in the kitchens?"

"Barrels of it." That's when the Krillitane started clawing at the door.

"Ok, we need to get to the kitchens. Mickey, get all of the children unplugged and out of the school. Now, bats, bats, how do we fight bats?"

"Leave it to me." I said.

"What?" He asked.

"Doctor, I know what to do. You just get to the kitchens." I walked over to the door and opened it, before shutting it behind me. I kicked Mr. Finch's feet out from under him and ran.The Krillitane came after me.


I came out and locked the door.

"Where's K-9?" Sarah asked.

"We need to run."

"Where is he?! What have you done?!" I grabbed her and dragged her behind me. I just hope that Katherine got out with the students. I watched as the school blew up and the kids cheered. I looked around desperately for Katherine. She wasn't there. I took off, looking through the mass of students. That's when a saw it. A short girl with dark brown hair, climbing through a window. I ran to her. I grabbed her waist and put her down on the ground. She coughed.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Fine. Feeling a little smoked, though." I laughed and rolled my eyes.


I watched from a distance as Sarah and The Doctor came out of the TARDIS. I thought about his comment. He didn't know if the change in me was good or bad. I smiled and turned, walking away.

"Oi!" A voice yelled. I looked back to see the doctor running towards me.

"Hey, just, thought I'd come to see you off." I told him.

"Your...not coming?"

"I just...didn't wanted me to."

"Where did you get that idea?"

"It's said, you didn't know if the change in me was good or bad-"


"What?" I asked.

"This change in you is good. Katherine, I've lived without you for so long. I can't do it anymore." I smiled and hugged him. He lifted me up. I laughed.

"Ok." I said.

"Ok?" He asked.

"Yeah. I'll come with you." He put me down and I ran over to Sarah. I hugged her.

"I'll miss you." I said.

"I'll miss you too. You look after them now. Alright?" I nodded.

"Oh! I have something to show you!"


"You'll have to wait and see." I stepped into the TARDIS, and looked out the window as we disappeared. She would have seen the new and improved K-9 by now. I turned and looked at the TARDIS. "You've redecorated. I love it!" He nodded.

"So, Are you ready to travel the Universe?" I nodded.

"Allonsy!" I said.

"Allosny...I like it!"


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