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Ever since the casting announcement for Ezra Miller to play The Flash in the upcoming DCEU, the internet has not been too happy. Fans of the show have been clamoring non-stop to get Grant in the films. I can see why. The Flash TV show is arguably the best DC television program right now. Grant is one of the main reasons why. But is he really the better choice? As a non biased fan of both these actors, i'm going to explore and explain who is the better fit.

Acting Ability/Experience

One thing we would want for the upcoming DCEU, is talented actors with a wide range abilities. We don't want no scrubs playing some of our favorite characters. That being said Grant, while proving himself likable in the show, just lacks real emotion. He's not a bad actor by any means. He's simply a good TV actor. He also lacks real experience. He's been in one movie, Affluenza if you're wondering, and has had minor parts in other TV shows. This isn't exactly experience i'm confident in. Sure he has experience playing the actual character, but it isn't really the full embodiment of Barry Allen. Ezra on the other hand, has been in a total of 10 films, with his role varying in character types. I recommend to those who are curious to watch, The Perks of being a Wallflower, We need to talk about Kevin, and The Stanford Prison Experiment. Ezra has proven he has the acting chops.

Winner of this round: Ezra Miller

The dude's given me chills before, so props to him.
The dude's given me chills before, so props to him.


People have their favorite actors. There's no doubt about that. And as I said before. People love Grant Gustin. I mean, who wouldn't love that face. Flash is someone who would definitely need to be likable. Grant's appearances would satisfy a large fan-base, and guarantee a character we are already used to. Ezra is pretty unknown to the mainstream media, and would discourage fans by not giving us an actor we love playing a character we love. It would most likely affect sales and is a gamble since people will definitely be comparing Ezra to Grant, so it might be safer to just give us Grant.

Winner of this round: Grant Gustin

We all want to run up and hug Grant like that
We all want to run up and hug Grant like that

TV Show/ Movie Universe

One thing i'm loving about DC and their television shows, is how it's becoming a large universe on it's own. With spinoff shows like Legends of Tomorrow, the possibility of Supergirl and Flash (or Arrow) crossing over, Constantine appearing in Arrow Season 4, and the possibility of even Green Lantern now. That all sounds great, so why would you want it to crossover with the movies? With the universes being separate, we get different takes on iconic worlds. As apposed Marvel, who's connecting everything, and are restricting themselves. At this point it's also to late to connect the universes, with Arrow having things like the Suicide Squad in it. Hell even if you just give the role to Grant, it will confuse the fans on what's what, and probably mean the end of the show. Which I know no one wants. So in the end, it's better that everyone sticks to where they're at.

Winner of this round: Ezra Miller

So in the end, the fair winner is none other than Ezra.

Now i know all you diehard Grant Gustin fans are upset, but seriously get over yourselves. We are getting an awesome show, and what I believe to be an awesome movie version. We should be rejoicing! This is an amazing time for comic book fans.


Even after this list, who do you think should still play The Flash?


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