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The rating is a mistake! The site will not allow me to give it the score I really want to give it. So far, Hot Pursuit is the only film this year I consider an absolute zero star movie! After seeing the trailer for the first time, I immediately thought it looked awful. A coworker of mine couldn't even make it all the way through a three minute trailer of the film. For anyone who actually enjoys this movie, it's easy for you to think, "Well, of course you didn't like it. If you went into it thinking it would be crap than you'll think it's crap no matter how bad or good the film really is." This could be the case, but I keep a very open mind during the actual viewing of the films and I always look for at least one positive in a movie. Sometimes, having low expectations for a movie can actually make my viewing enjoyable because it gives the film the opportunity to exceed those low expectations. Unfortunately for Hot Pursuit, it didn't even manage to exceed those below ground level expectations!

I did not laugh a single time during this action/comedy. I did not chuckle or even give a pity smile. What baffled me more than the movie was there were several laughs from others in the theater throughout the entirely of the film. I couldn't believe I was the only person not laughing! I felt like the only sane person in the theater! But then again, one guy laughed at the stupidest things and could have been drunk. He laughed at a serious scene where a man is shot in the head while covering Witherspoon's character! Who laughs at a man dying from a sudden head shot! That just goes to show you what kind of people found this movie funny.

What I can believe is this movie being made. Everything in it is stereotypical of a road trip/buddy cop film where the characters are complete opposites. It's a type of movie seen again and again; making it a safe bet for studios and probably easy to make without having to be original. There are many of these movies, but not too many with female leads. I wish this film were better, because it is nice to see all female leads branching out in different types of genres, but the problem is this film is just so stereotypical that there is very, very little originality in the film. The film is also annoying with our two cliched main leads way too over the top. Now, over the top can be funny. It has worked well with other comedians. But this just gets plain annoying and irritating. Witherspoon is a straight by the books police officer that gets extremely tight and annoying, especially when she's spouting off police procedures and codes she has memorized. Vergara is a ditzy very materialistic woman worried more about her looks than anything. There is a bit complexity with her character involving the twist, but I can't go into it. Basically, this is the type of generic modern comedy that tries to be funny by being as loud and stupid as it can.

The "comedy" is the worst part of this film. I could not laugh and I can't understand anyone laughing at anything in this film. It's just a compilation of cliched humor and humor that's loud and annoyingly stupid. Just to give you a hint of its annoyance, I'll write out two things these creators, I guess, considered funny. One scene was revealed in the trailer. During this scene, Witherspoon and Vergara are driving away. Witherspoon reveals to Vergara that her husband had been shot after Veraga asks where her husband is. Vergara then proceeds to make the loudest, most annoying sound she could for three long cuts that lasted several seconds. She sounded like a whiny, shrilled police siren. Another example of its "comedy" is when the two leads try to sneak past a police blockade. They put on the fakest looking deer skin and crawl through the field. Instead of being smart and silent, the women start making sounds they believe a deer make, but they are both very different sounds. They then argue with each other loud enough for a cop nearby to hear their voices. He shines his light on a deer head that looks like a reject from a grade school play while the women make a ridiculous noise. Creeped out by the experience, the cop just shuffles away in embarrassment. I think I slapped my forehead during this moment. Everyone in this film just feel like complete idiots.

I would be able to forgive the film a little if the two opposite leads managed to bond by the end of the film. This is yet another thing the film lacks. Sure, the last scene forces us to believe they are best friends now, but there is very little bonding ever in this film. They are mostly at each other's throat and no respect is ever achieved during this film. In fact, during the climax of the film, Veraga's character is pissed off with Witherspoon's. She seems angry enough to kill Witherspoon's character! But a split second later, they are suddenly hugging and being the best of friends without anything being solved.

There is only a single scene I found amusing which involves the two leads commandeering a tour bus full of senior citizens during a chase scene while crooked cops try to disable the bus. The things the old people say are so ridiculous and kooky that in any other comedy, I probably would have laughed. I sat through an hour of unfunny scenes that made me hate life. I was in no mood to ever be cheered up by the rest of the film. The twist is good and smartly handled with subtly. But it is wasted on such an atrocious film that it makes me hate the movie even more!

I'm sorry if you actually like Hot Pursuit because I have seen some reviews from audience on Rotten Tomatoes that have given it a perfect score of five! But I just can't stand this film. Out of the ninety-four films I've seen so far in 2015, Hot Pursuit is easily the worst and the only one I award zero stars on my YouTube Channel. May God have mercy on us all if they ever make a sequel!


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