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It's also getting a little outdated. More and more, filmmakers are choosing to play within the shades of grey: making villains sympathetic and heroes increasingly flawed.

As the lines continue to blur, can you tell if a quote is from the light side, or the dark? Test your knowledge with quotes from these famous films where good battles evil!

(Remember, these characters have been sorted into overall "good" or "evil". It doesn't matter if they are acting altruistically while saying the line in question, it's about whether they are a hero or a villain at the core. Click the "spoiler" tab beneath the answers to see who said it.)

Question One: Star Wars


Was it a hero or a villain who said "Then we decided to come rescue you!"?

VILLAIN! You may think that someone rushing to the rescue is a good guy, but this was actually said by Anakin Skywalker, who we all know became the ultimate Star Wars baddie, Darth Vadar.

Question Two: Harry Potter


Was this said by a Dumbledore fan, or a dark wizard? "For the greater good. I want to do what must be done."

VILLAIN! Don't let that "greater good" stuff fool you, this was uttered by that most terrible of Hogwarts villains, Dolores Umbridge.

Question Three: Lord of the Rings


Was this speaker on the side of all that is green and good in the world? "The time of the elves is over."

Hero! Or at least, someone who helps the Fellowship. This isn't a threat, even though it sounds like it, but the Lady of the Wood speaking.

Question Four: The Dark Knight


Is this a confession, or a boast? "I killed those people!"

Hero! It's not true that heroes never kill - not even Batman himself. Bruce Wayne is admitting fault to Jim Gordon in this sad line.

Question Five: Avengers: Age of Ultron


Is it an Avenger or an enemy who describes his future rule as "fair, but firmly cruel"?

Hero! Tony Stark declared this to be his plan for ruling Asgard if he could lift Thor's hammer... of course, there's no doubt that he's not worthy (or serious!).

So how did you stack up?

Are you still seeing the world in black and white, or do you have a sneaking suspicion that these villains are just a little misunderstood...

5 out of 5: You're Batman! It seems that no well-intentioned deed or dark moment will fool you - you know who the heroes are, and you have no patience with villains. Or you have an eidetic memory...

3-4 out of 5: Well balanced judge. As a general rule, you know who is on whose side, but you can slip up sometimes. After all, nobody is all bad!

1-2 out of 5: Easily misled. It seems that you find it hard to tell the good and the bad apart - people are complicated and you live in the grey zone.

0 out of 5: Greyer than Gandalf's beard. You just can't seem to figure out who is on the side of good, can you? (Hint: Gandalf is.)


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