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Brian A. Madrid (Mr. Fluffy)

Innovator, promoter and city’s greatest hope of becoming North Jersey newest media sensation, Mark Boulder presents Newark’s first Comic Con 2015. As legislative aide to the Mayor’s Office of Arts, Cultural Development and Tourism in the town where he was born, Mark Boulding has brought his dream into a reality. Brainchild and owner of this event, Mark spent for more than a year of booking celebrities and artist as well as reaching out local residents to promote the event. This spectacular one day extravaganza fans and audiences will experience a ton comic books and graphic novels, witness people masquerading as their favorite graphic novel character or partake, for a brief moment anyway, the largest zombie walk through the streets of downtown and more.

Like any successful comic con event, it's the planning and labor of sweat and tears that gets the job done. With interested promoters and a little generous funding, Mark manage to bring home an array of comic book artist, film and wrestling stars as well as winning the hearts and admiration of Newark itself. The dream will soon be here this September 12th at the Robert Treat Hotel in downtown Newark. Guest include actor Steven Coulter from horror film Insidious, actor Taimak from from The last Dragon, scream queen Monique “Tha Original Gata” Dupree, wrestling legends Tommy Dreamer and Rocky Johnson, comic book writer Paris Collins & Ron Wilson, M.H Carnevali, a host of cosplay performers and a hoard of zombies. And list goes on.

For information and tickets go to: www. Doors open from 9 AM to 8 PM, Saturday September 12th.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.


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