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The superhero genre is extremely trendy and is vastly growing in size with their being a number of 28 films from 2016 to 2020,and won’t be ending anytime soon with the DC Cinematic Universe just starting in 2016. The large supply of this genre could mean the end for the general audience, because it might get boring and hard to follow along as it gets even bigger. I think that there are five things that this genre needs to increase so that the movies don't fall flat. Note: This is a opinion-based post.

In-depth Characterization

This is a an important thing when it comes to the future movies or sequels and is something that a lot of trilogies lack. A majority of superhero movies have been doing this for their major characters, but their minors have been push to the side and used for only action. Certain minor characters can't survive with a solo film, because they don’t have much of a story and interest for a franchise, but characters like Hulk and Superman deserve more of an opportunity. These minor characters should be put on other outlets, or a feature film with less majors to test their popularity. The reason why it is smarter for these minors to go onto other outlets is because it would allow the audience to understand the character more and help them not to interfere with the movies as far as their whereabouts when such and such was happening.

Shifts in Tone/Story

One thing that should inevitably happen in every franchise or universe is a shift in the tone of the story, and the reason why is that it makes sequels more fun to watch and different from their predecessors. For example in the MCU the first avengers had the wow factor of the team coming together for a common threat which was a joyride to its entirety, and then in avengers 2 we get Ultron, which extends the opportunity to have a dark vibe. It is unnecessary though for a change in tone that renders the franchise or universe unrecognizable, the prime example for a great shift in tones of a franchise is the TDK trilogy, as it stays gritty all throughout, but is creepy and suspenseful in the Dark Knight, and inspiration in Rises. The unique thing Marvel does with its movies is apply the character to multiple genres with a story to fit it.


In the world of superheroes there's an overabundance of looney,deranged, and epic characters that open the gateways to different places,vehicles, and etc… When it comes to Dc, I would like to see the many superman replicants, the real fortress of solitude, the invisible jet, and Atlantis. When it comes to Marvel, I would love to see the Savage land, the Moon Knight helicopter, the Stiletto Zero, and the new containable villains being put into the Raft. I do think some of these options will come into the near future and if so, it will make new interest and enlighten people of the true comic book world.

New Villains

When it comes to amazing characters that have gotten a remake we tend to always get reiterations of their past villains, such as Green Goblin for Spider Man, Lex Luthor for Superman, and Dr. Doom for the Fantastic Four. One would argue that they are the archenemies of these heroes, but when one has been done more than twice it can get boring. New villains bring more viewers and add a fresh take with an interesting spin.


Which one do you think they should elaborate on the most?


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