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And at long last, I am sorry, I did mean to do it both yesterday and Wednesday but I’m a slacker like my father before me so...

Plus, seeing as these haven’t exactly got the number of reads I’d hope for or ANY feed back, this will be the last of them.

So let’s not beat around the metaphorical bush and kick off Round 3 of Fan-Cast Futurama – Part 3..!

Here are the links to Parts 1 & 2;
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Click Here for Part 2

First up; Villains.


The world’s most lovable industrialist and mother to all robots, this “rocker jockey” is and greedy old hag and with the assistance of her brainless offspring has attempted to take over the world on several occasions...

Who Should Play Her...

Meryl Streep

Naturally, everyone’s first pick, but not mine. She is second only to one in my opinion. Of course she would be excellent, just look at this picture of her from Devil Wears Prada and you know she can take a horrid slag of a character and stamp her name all over it, no question. However there is one other and it is...

Well, why not Homer Simpsons mother? Glenn Close gets my personal favour over Streep for one simple reason, because when I watched her in Guardians of the Galaxy earlier this year, even though she wasn’t an evil character, I could just see her as Mom, just look at that piercing bitch-face, the eyes, the hair do, she’d be perfect! That's my say but who would you choose between these two?


“The leader among imbeciles.” Oldest of Mom’s brainless brood, Walt bosses around his younger brothers as his mother’s second in command. The two actors I pick who I think would be most adiquite to play Walt are Jim Parsons (42) or Zachary Qunito (38). Either would be great as the bossy older brother, just look at their respective roles as Dr. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) and Dr. Spock (Zach in J.J Abbrams’ Star Trek reboot).


“The sniveling middle child...” This one was hardest to cast because he’s pretty un-important in the long run, he doesn’t say a lot, he never gets much of a say in the things that go on and he doesn’t really have much personally to use when thinking “who could be him?” But I finally landed on two actors I would deem fit. Mark Webber (35) or Paul Dano (31). Both have been around for quite a while and have only had quite minor parts to play so it seems, but they both have the look and ability to play a character like Larry. And I like both these guys so either one would be great to see in a Futurama movie.

And Igner...

“The evil I could tolerate but the stupidity... Egh!”

"We're Owl exterminators!"
"We're Owl exterminators!"

Son of Mom and a brainless he-demon (or the Professor really...) Igner is youngest and dumbest of the trio. And there was only one person I could think of for this one was this dude...

For some reason unknown Michael Cera’s face was the only one that came to mind for me, with the goofy, geekiness he brings he could really nail a role like Igner I think, he just needs a purple, spuddy mohawk and a grey jumpsuit!

LRRR (Ruler of Omicron Persei 8)

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, I’d very much like for most, if not all the voice actors on the show be involved as certain characters, and I think none other than Maurice LaMarche himself would be right to appear as the scaly conqueror. On another note, I’d also love him to do Morbo the news Monster...

And Last but certainly not least of the villains..


As with LaMarche and Cera, only one name and face sprang to mind for this guy; Wallace Shawn. I actually believe the character of Wernstrom was based off of him and just think how great it would be to see him and Christopher Lloyd back on screen together since they’re days on Taxi, not to mention they basically played mortal enemies in My Favorite Martian..! Yes sir, Mr Shawn here is the one and only man on Earth I can see as Dr. Ogden Wernstrom.

That’s it for baddies, now as promised in my last article there would be some other relative charterers included such as...

Leela’s parents. Firstly..

I think some of you will recognize Katey Sagal, the voice of Leela, so who better, especially at her age, to feature as the long estranged Turanga mother? and...

Turanga Morris

Now this one again, I was going to give to Billy West but I thought of a couple of other actors who I could see as Leela’s dad.

Specifically, either of these guys would do in my opinion. Woody Harrelson (54) or Michael Keaton (64), Morris is a slightly over weight looking guy so whichever one was taking on the part would either have to wear a belly suit of some kind or put on a few pounds. Alternatively we could just go with current Val Kilmer...

The Wongs

Leo and Inez Wong are Amy’s rich parents who own the planet Mars and live there on their family ranch.

But as for who should play them, well...

I though it appropriate they be Asian, naturally. And as parent to the Amy I selected in round 2 I think it can safely be said that if Jackie Chan and Lauren Tom were to play the parents of Jamie Chung, people would buy it. It’s not so far fetched to believe is it? Leo even makes reference to Chan in one of the four Futurama animated films. And much like with Sagal, I thought it fitting that the voice of Amy play her mother...

And that about wraps it al up, but for one!

It seems it occurred to me I left out a rather important person in the last post, some of you may have noticed that dear old janitor Scruffy was missing. So to finish this off and remedy that mistake, I give you...

Who else but Bill Murray right? I don’t even feel the need to explain this, it just is.

So that’s that ladies and germs. If you’ve enjoyed these AT ALL, or have anything to say, AT ALL. I don’t care if it’s negative feed back just someone fucking comment please, I put effort into making these so a kindly word, hell and unfriendly one is welcome..!

As always take care and be excellent to each other..! Party on dudes!


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