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As Marvel promised, they are adding diversity to their roster. Red Wolf will be back in a upcoming December issue that has promised to stay true to Wolf's roots. Red Wolf first appeared in the Avengers in the 1970's and then making various appearances in other titles. Now after nearly 40 years, Red Wolf is coming back as part of the new Marvel All New All Different title.

Red Wolf's own title has been set in the Mid-Western era to which Marvel are continuing in the reboot.

"The Marvel Universe's American Southwest now has a superhero to call its very own – the mysterious new hero, Red Wolf," the company said in a statement Wednesday.
"An outsider and an honest man, Red Wolf is going to need all his wits, and both his fists, to serve and protect this new world from the corrupt organizations that want to control... the gritty and harsh American Southwest."
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Red Wolf will be written by Nathan Edmonson (Black Widow) and drawn by Dalibor Talajic (Masters of Kung Fu). Edmonson stated that Red Wolf will be unique:

"Nobody should go to this looking as its historical," Edmondson told Mashable. "He comes from another dimension, after all. But it's very important for us to approach it in as authentic a way as possible. Jeffery offers this, and not just for consultation, but with his creative input — his covers jump out from 100 feet away."
"Above all, he’s resourceful," Edmondson said of Red Wolf. "He’s kind of in a sense the Jason Bourne of the West, who can find a way out of any situation, or a way to use the resources of whatever room or position he may be in — he’s not a gunslinger, but he might use a gun if he has to. ... But beyond all that, he’s just a brawling, tough-as-nails fighter."

Red Wolf series will be out in December 2015.


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