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In one of the most gutsy publicity moves I have ever witnessed, Tom Hardy's new movie, Legend, has cut a negative review from a well-respected UK newspaper down to size (quite literally) in a move that is pure, sneaky marketing genius.

Before I give you the backstory of this tale of expert trolling, check out the poster for yourselfand behold the chutzpah of the smuggled negative review below:

If you didn't spot it, the review between the Kray twins' ears from 'The Guardian' hasn't been obscured by the characters' overly gelled domes. It really is a two star review taking centre stage on the official release poster.

Benjamin Lee, the writer of the review in question who berated the movie as "cartoonish" and "gaudy", was quick to notice how he had been featured centerstage and took to Twitter to call the poster out:

Lee took the brazen marketing move in good humor though, he wrote in another piece for The Guardain that:

"Technically, there’s nothing dishonest about the use of my rating. I gave it two stars and there are just two stars on display. I’ve been trolled and I’m totally alright with it."

Although it's essential to keep misleading and deceptive pull quotes off of movie posters to preserve the integrity of the industry, there's something about this simple visual trick that has even got serious journalists raving about its gutsy brilliance.

Whatever you think about sneaky moves like this, the publicist behind this design needs a serious pay rise! It's not easy to make jaded movie goers care about a poster these days, but they've managed!

(Source: The Guardian)


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