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As is now customary with superhero movie reveals, the first look at X-Men: Apocalypse's titular villain, Apocalypse, wasn't without a fair bit of derision. Many felt the purple hue and fairly human proportions of Oscar Issac's character did not do the original comic-book version of Apocalypse justice. However, newly leaked images might prove Apocalypse's detractors acted a bit prematurely.

According to an X-Men fan twitter account, X-Men: News, new images have emerged which show Apocalypse looking a little bit more Apocalypse-y. In the slightly blurry image, we see what appears to be Oscar Issac with a bluer tint and more inhuman features. Take a look below:

Image removed by request of Twentieth Century Fox

The above image was part of a cache of leaked pictures which were placed online by the Twitter account, adding some veracity to the leak. However, although it seems the criticism regarding Apocalypse may have been partially silenced, the costumes in the other leaked images could have merely redirected the hate somewhere else.

Several of the leaked images include first looks at X-Men: Apocalypse characters in their new (still non-comic-book-y) suits, not all of which have been universally loved. I will forego passing my own judgement, but here they are for you to do exactly that below:

Young Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler

Image removed by request of Twentieth Century Fox

Plus Beast and Mystique

Image removed by request of Twentieth Century Fox

Psylocke and Angel (Plus Body Doubles)

Image removed by request of Twentieth Century Fox



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