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Most of us probably know that in the initial planning for Disney's Frozen, Elsa was going to be the villain. Although the brains over at the studio decided she was much better suited to be a complicated, but good character, some people still think about what might have been.

This was the case when YouTuber and comedian BloodBlitz Comedy created the video 'If Elsa Was the Villain' by request. Let's just say, there's a lot more bloodshed in this fan made version of the trailer. Check out their work below!

It all started at a young age...

To be fair, I'm pretty cranky when I get woken up as well.

She teaches her parents a harsh lesson

No shipwrecks in this story.

And then proceeds to impale more than just Olaf

Don't worry, Olaf gets his fair share

Who knew snowmen had blood?

It looks as if Elsa couldn't...Let It Go

I say anyone hanging out in a dark hallway is just looking for trouble. Or a bathroom. But probably trouble.

A dark twist on a pretty happy movie. Although I'm ultimately glad that they decided to make Hans the villain instead of Elsa, this eerie version with the promise of an evil Ice Queen is certainly intriguing!

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