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If you love all things Disney then I have a feeling that you will totally dig this Disney fan art. Garth Cameron Graham is a super imaginative artist who has collided our favorite Disney characters with other worlds. You may be amazed at just how badass Garth has re-imagined these characters to be.

7. Wonderland Wars

I never thought I would see White Rabbit being such a total badass.

6. Beauty & the Steam Beast

Is it just me or does the Beast look like a strange version of Ludo from The Labyrinth ?

5. Cryonic Beauty

I would stay sleeping if I was her.

4. La Femme Rapunzel

Here we find out that Rapunzel could have escaped anytime.

3. Hot Crustacean Band...of Pirates

Flounder has even joined the dark side too.

2. Skypirate Peter Pan

Steampunk Pan to the rescue.

1. Battle Red Riding Hood

Red riding Hood looks pretty damn comfortable riding her beast across Middle-earth.

If you like the art-work then head over to tumblr to see more of Garth's epic creations.

Which one is your favorite?
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