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Heath Ledger's beautiful spirit and passionate acting touched so many people, and after his tragic death many friends rushed to offer their heartfelt condolences. Read the deeply touching tributes from several stars you may never have known were friends with Heath Ledger and remember the great man as those who knew and loved him did.

1. Matt Damon

Worked together in: The Brothers Grimm (2005)

Matt Damon praised Heath Ledger for constantly "exploding with ideas," and he gave a very touching tribute to him in the following speech.

2. Wes Bentley

Worked Together In: Four Feathers (2000)

"He was like a brother to me. We were close friends. We worked on 'Four Feathers' together in 2000 and since then we had become very, very close. We had good times and bad times ... [his death is] the biggest loss of my life."

3. Jake Gyllenhaal

Worked Together In: Brokeback Mountain (2005)

"I miss him as a human being. And I miss working with him. And what an unfortunate thing it is that we won’t be able to see the beauty of his expression.

He was incredibly special, and that doesn’t even come close to encapsulating who he is — who he was... Life is precious."

4. Ellen Degeneres

Worked Together In: The Ellen Show

Chat show host Ellen really clicked with Heath, calling him an:

"amazing, amazing, talented young man. He was a friend — and we will miss him."

She says it best in this touching, sweetly funny video.

5. Christian Bale

Worked Together In: The Dark Knight (2008)

"The guy was brilliant. He was a fantastic actor and he put everything into this part. I absolutely know without question that he would have wanted everyone to see it.

People ask me if I feel weird about the film and seeing it. I don't feel weird at all.

For me, this is a celebration of what he did best – entertain people.

The bottom line is it would be totally rude not to. Respect the man. This is what he did. This is what he wanted to do."

Heath Ledger touched the lives of many throughout Hollywood, and some of his co-stars have gone on to have shining careers themselves. In honor of the 15th anniversary of one of Heath's classic films, A Knight's Tale, check out what the cast members have been up to since their rambunctious jousting days, and don't forget to read some awesome A Knight's Tale trivia over here.

How do you remember Heath Ledger?

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