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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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It hasn't even hit the screens yet, but already Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones series is making major hat-tips to the MCU. You know, just in case you've forgotten that the show is Marvel IP, which is an easy thing to happen.

Jones' teaser trailer, which went live yesterday, contains a very cheeky shot of a certain goateed ex-Avenger's tower in the middle of New York City, which I'm guessing stands as a constant reminder of where Jones could or will eventually end up, if she doesn't wind up too badly scarred from the Purple Man aka Kilgrave's exploits.

Here's the trailer:

There's next to nothing to decipher from the trailer, pretty much why it stands as a teaser, besides the intersection of Birch Street and Higgins Drive, and some other stapes of detective stories, like whisky glasses, Alias Investigations' door, a camera's aperture and a lot of darkness, but... well... it's beautifully animated!

Mike Colter & Krysten Ritter
Mike Colter & Krysten Ritter

One thing that did pop to mind though, is how similar the shot of Jessica amidst New York and Stark Tower looks like the Daredevil motion poster. I guess this will become a running theme, that we are very much grounded within a hyper-reality where the world is policed by the Avengers, but down in the pits of the streets is anyone's game:

Netflix and Marvel's Jessica Jones will be hitting the web on November 20th. And numerous work sick days will be had...

(Source: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube)


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