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A mere utterance of the word 'Ikea' and my brain already flashes to drama. Whether it's trying to decide between three nearly-identical sets of dishes, trying to find the right brown box to buy, or navigating that hellish parking lot, there are will likely be a minimum of six miniature fights between myself and whoever I'm there with.

Still, Swedish meatballs, reasonably priced furniture, and the promise of adventure somehow makes it all worth it.

The YouTubers Paul Bartunek and Dave Seger directed a short series of melodramas all filmed within the confines of Ikea's oversized walls. These were put online back in 2009, but for some reason I didn't know about them until recently. Boy, have I been missing out.

Starring Randall Park (Kim Jong-un in The Interview), Whitney Avalon (Princess Rap Battle), Tom Kauffman, Jess Lane, Wade Randolph, Abed Gheith, Delbert Dean Shoopman, and Dean Pelton, this group somehow filmed short episodes of their show and no one really seemed to notice or care!

Tom and Summer might have been great at playing house in Ikea, but what about putting on a whole show? Check out the first episode of the hilarious online series Ikea Heights below:

Bravo to everyone involved...even if that congratulations is a six years overdue. To see more of episodes of Ikea Heights, check out their YouTube channel!

(Source: YouTube)


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