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today marks the 14th anniversary of the Terrorist Attack on NYC back in 2001 in which 3,000+ died in that tragic tragedy that shook the world but did you know that the World Trade Center destruction was predict a decades after 9/11!!! and i'm gonna show these 6 media that predict the sad day:

6. Sesame Street - Monsters on the Loose (1976)

This Comic Book of the classic puppet show feature Cookie Monster chopping down the Twin Towers and the title say it all of who will responsible.

5. King Kong (1976)

This 70's remake of the Giant Ape have him climbing atop of the WTC (unlike the original in which it was the Empire State Building that KK climbed) in both movie and poster as pictured.

4. The Matrix (1999)

The Movie (the first of the sci fi trilogy) featured a scene when Neo is being interrogated by Agent Smith, the agent is looking on the former passport it say his passport expired at "11 Sept 01" and this film was released two year after the terrorist attack.

3. Godzilla vs Megalon (1973 Poster only)

Even thought the film take place in Japan (like every Godzilla Films), the Poster depicted both titular monsters fighting in a familiar NYC building while it's in blaze and the military attacking and shooting both monster's.

2. Die Hard (1988)

Both Film and Nes Cover (which it's identical than the Film Poster but without Bruce Willis) featured the Nakatomi Plaza (known in real life as the Fox Plaza) in flame and if you look closely it look like two twin tower's mmmm sound familiar??.

1. The Simpsons - The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (1997)

In this episode when Homer and the families travel to NYC to retrieve the family car after Homer pal Barney accidentally left it on the middle of the WTC featured a scene when they're talking about wanted to go to NYC Bart point an Magazine Lisa was holding an $9 and the building forming "9-11" and because of the World Trade Center's central role, the episode was initially taken off syndication in many areas following the September 11 attacks, but has come back into syndication in recent years.


Which of these Movie/TV Show 9/11 prediction give you some goosebumps??


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