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There are some dedicated cosplayers out there that want to get every meticulous detail of a costume down, to the last sequin, sparkle, or leather detailing.

The following cosplayers need to be hired as either a costume designer, a stand in, or even both, as their attention to detail is incredibly impressive. They look just like our favorite characters!

1. Spider-Man

[Source: MoonSpider, York In A Box]

I am half expecting him to shoot out some webs from those awesome mutant fingers of his!

2. Wolverine

[Source: D___N]

Those look really sharp, and perfect to use in any situation in which he is getting attacked.

3. Kim Possible

[Source: DanielleBaloo]

...Did I just hear her beeper go off?

4. Jack Sparrow

[Source: Alyson Tabbitha]

He genuinely looks disappointed that the rum is all gone.

5. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

[Source: socialphy]

She might be falling apart from the seams, but this cosplayer has Sally down to the tee!

6. Lord Voldemort

[Source: socialphy]

I keep looking behind him, waiting for his evil Death Eater followers to arrive.

7.Obi-Wan Kenobi and Young Anakin

[Source: AndrewMai]

I can really feel the Force radiating through this photo of Obi-Wan and Anakin.

8. And Another Wolverine

[Source: HughJackmansDouble]

I had to do a double take; he really does look just like Hugh Jackman.

9. Robin Hood: Men in Tights

[Source: JiveMonkey]

There's no man more manly than one in a pair of tights.

10. Mathilda from Léon: The Professional

[Source: reddit]

Don't be fooled by those big eyes; she's a serious hitwoman with the ability to kill you faster than you can blink.

These outfits are truly inspiring for Halloween. Now I am thinking who I personally look the most like, so I can get started on some realistic-looking costume.

Maybe I'll just shave off my head and be Imperator Furiosa, even though I don't look a thing like her.

[Source: Dorkly, socialphy]


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