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When Man of Steel came out it made over £668 million at the box office. However, the movie was met with mixed reviews from critics and fans. Many fans thought that MOS was a fantastic reboot and was a positive start to the new Superman franchise. Others felt that the movie was to serious for a superhero movie and that the plot was weak. As I said though, MOS was a financial success for WB but for WB it did not generate the same success as the Nolan Batman trilogy or Marvels Avengers Assemble. So there was predictably a sequel to MOS that was rumoured to have Mettallo as the main villain as Zak Snyder stated:

"I remember talking about 'What's the next villain?'" Snyder recalled to Entertainment Weekly. "'We can't do another alien invasion.' Brianiac was definitely down the road. Metallo, I think, was going to be the main bad guy of this movie."

However, since MOS did not generate the global accolades of rival movies or that in its own performance, WB changed the movie the when Snyder pitched the idea to WB.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is supposedly the sequel to MOS. For Cavill this was a kick in the teeth. Not only (at the time) was this deemed a sequel but Superman himself has been marginalised by other superhero characters. BvS has Batman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Cyborg and most recently revealed The Flash. Yes, some are cameos but to have so many superheroes in a supposed sequel was degrading for Cavill.

Now of course it was announced that BvS is not a MOS sequel but a prelude to the Justice League. BUT...Zak Snyder said that Batman v Superman IS a Man of Steel sequel.

“I think in a way Batman v Superman is Man of Steel 2,” said Snyder, making it sound like a standalone Superman sequel is definitely not DC’s highest priority right now. “Justice League is kind of the transcendent, knights-of-the-round-table of the story. It’d be interesting to think about what a standalone Superman movie might be.”

Now though, after Batman v Superman was privately screened for the WB higher ups. They have been so impressed by Ben Affleck as Batman that they want to add more screentime for him but at the expense of Cavills Superman.

Word is the studio has requested that Snyder and co. increase the Gotham vigilante's screen-time while cutting down the Man Of Steel's in the process, because "Ben Affleck's Batman is so good that he is blowing Henry Cavill's Superman right off the screen."

Ben Affleck's Batman is so good that Cavill's Superman has potentially been downgraded.

For me, I think that Henry Cavill is a great Superman. Although Man of Steel was not as good as I anticipated it was still a good movie. But Cavill has been treated in a way, like he has been relegated already. If the rumours are true WB will concentrate on Affleck's rise as Batman. Affleck already has a Batman trilogy, Justice League trilogy and guest appearances in other titles. Cavill however, still does not know if Man of Steel 2 is going ahead but he will be in the Justice League trilogy. I do feel sorry for Cavill because he must be confused about his own standalone sequels. It has been confusing for us (fans) to see if Batman v Superman is/or not a sequel to MOS. But if rumours are true about Ben Affleck being amazing and downgrading Cavill, that in itself is wrong because Cavill is a great Superman. I'm not taking anything away from Affleck at all. He looks great so far as Batman and some might argue that WB are right to prioritise Batman because he is more popular than Superman. But Cavill has already been tried and tested as Superman and quite frankly he IS Superman. He has the style and essence of Superman..he is a fantastic choice who deserves better.


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