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It is quite an empire that the Wayne family - or should I say Bruce - has built up over the years. In today's day and age, Batman is a lot of things to a lot of people but a 'tragic figure' is a term that simply does not fit.

Batman is the secret super hero identity of Bruce Wayne - the lonely orphan billionaire. Bruce Wayne is a well known philanthropist with fingers in many lucrative pies.

Yes, Bruce lost his parents at a young age and this is in itself tragic, but as for the rest of his upbringing, well let's just say that this was a little more upmarket than your average orphan.

Unlike many other orphans Bruce's parent-less life was more stable and fulfilling than many other childrens', even those that had parents. The circumstances that surrounded Bruce's upbringing are far from the slum stories we hear from other orphans in the DC universe.


Despite living in Gotham, a city famed for its unrelenting rotation of vulgar villains terrorising the streets and generally calling the shots, Bruce's living conditions weren't too shabby.

He had a roof over his head - or should I say a mansion over his head, catering staff to keep him plump and rosy cheeked, in house teachers that educated him to the highest of standards and cleaners to clean up whenever he spilt his Cocoa Krispies. He even had his own butler - It's actually rather touching to see how Alfred developed into a father figure.

And What Does Bruce Do With This Good Fortune?

Instead of helping out other orphans in the traditional sense with charitable giving and mentorship, he decides to dress like a bat and punch bad guys in their faces. Yea, he takes down a lot of baddies but could he be doing more?

For example, the suit alone costs a whopping $1,058,600. And his vehicles a staggering $80,000,000! Lets not forget the gadgets and gizmos that Batman carries. The total costs of Batmans gadgets comes to $213,610.

(I got the costings from here - Real interesting read - How Much Does Batman Cost Bruce Wayne? Here's The Breakdown..)

There is plenty of cash that could be channeled into children left in similar situations. Ok, he did found the 'Wayne foundation', an organisation that tackles the problems that encourage crime and assists victims in a way that his Batman persona cannot but can we still really feel that sorry for Batman's ill fortune?

Dorkly has put together a funny video that highlights the key issues that separate Batman from other ill fated youngens. We see Batman swing into a confrontation with a low level street thug who also happens to be an orphan and the conversation that follows is enlightening.

As funny as that was to watch, I will go on record as saying that I love Batman. Batman in my eyes is a figure of inspiration for millions - he is the physical embodiment of the people's defence against oppression.

He has had a troubled past but none more so than many others out there. A real people's hero. And in today's economic and wartorn climate he is just the guy we need to stick by.

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