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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Sound familiar right? Well in all honesty and all references to X-men aside. It is fair to mention that the movie is very different from X-men. How different? Well I'll go into detail later but first, the official DVD cover photo

Sky high
Sky high

Now this is integral to my review because, it's important to note the time period it came out in. Being a Disney movie, I didn't get to see it on the big screen instead I watched it on TV when I still had Disney, and it was during 2003, or somewhere around there. So it technically is a millennial movie and to be fair I don't really remember this movie, apart from it being an interesting concept.

Now at the time I hadn't watched X-men yet and I only knew about them because they were comic books, and I used to borrow them. But also I watched the Incredibles before then and that movie was great. But what separates these two movies is its story and plot. Yeah, the story is about the same; superheroes, but what those superheroes can do is another thing. For example, The Incredibles were about a family of superheroes, and this is about a family of superheroes, but what Incredibles did was focus more on the dying breed of superheroes and of course the man of the family; Mr. Incredible.
But here, the main focus is on the son, Will Stronghold. And although the two share seemingly glaring similarities, this movie still holds even if we didn't already have the Incredibles

But then how come nobody really knows or remembers this movie? Well, it wasn't very marketable at the time and Disney didn't really want the focus to be on this movie because Pixar already had the Incredibles and yet, this movie is still quite the movie of its time. Yeah the ending was pretty predictable and the villain too. But the main focus is on the superheroes, as well as the ethics of a superhero, and the conflict between them and sidekicks.

So yeah this movie is pretty teenage stuff as well and for a channel known for kids stuff back then, I guess that didn't sit well with the parents. But one thing to note is that even though it was weird and quirky, I realized it wasn't for me and growing up and watching it again, I can't help but feel the same, so then who was it for? I guess it was to reintroduce live action superheroes, and give way to other superhero movies in the teenage genre, but in all its quirky fun, the message of the movie is pretty cool.

It's telling the audience that the sidekick is just as important as the hero because without the sidekick, the hero would not have a rock to cry or just share emotional damage with. And I guess that's true. This movie is also a little satire to that as well, being that the sidekick never has the powers and instead the hero always does and thus, is why the nurse tells Will that he can get powers many other ways as well.

So with the movie built up already as it is, my only concern is the villain because for me what is a hero without a villain constantly challenging the hero. And.... the hero is better than the villain. Yeah.. sad to say, I don't love the villain, maybe it's because I just felt that it was weird she was turned to a small child by a laser beam or something.

But with all that said what warrants my rating then? Well.... This movie actually has a really good moral and it tells the tale of the sidekick and for a superhero movie that's really awesome. The comedy work is not bad, it's just I didn't get some of them and the romance well, let's just say I was not a fan even though they didn't really share a lot of moments together you could feel it but its just like they play the crush experience too close to the heart, and you always second guess because of the triangle love that they do take because you know, drama! But I digress, the character developments is fine and the other elements? Well, it is kinda creative, and definitely they did use some good technology to do the special effects and surely it made a lot of money, but it wasn't really banked in.

But what I'm saying is this movie is still not half bad, and I could see no reason to take this movie too seriously because it is a comedy movie.


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