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The Maze Runner may only feel like it came out yesterday, but it has been almost a year and now the second one has hit our cinema screens and I for one was unbelievably excited for this film. I have read the first two books and have now seen the first two films and I have to say that I greatly enjoyed the second movie in the trilogy.

As someone who has read the books I do have to say that it is very different to the book. So if you are a fan of the book go in to the cinema knowing it will be different. Basically the storyline is very different but to me it worked. With the first movie missing out some of the plot points it was only understandable why they had to change the storyline of the second. It's like a ripple effect, and as someone who does trust the author when he said that he was happy with the changes, as he did help with the script it didn't really bother me to much. This is because what they ended up making was one hell of a fantastic movie and they were able to keep key scenes, and most of the underlying features that were needed to make the movie feel like the book were there.

If you don't already know The Scorch Trials is set mere minutes/hours after The Maze Runner, Thomas and the rest of the Glades have escaped the maze and now a whole new set of threats and challenges are ahead of them.

What I loved about this movie was the massive scale of it, things were bigger, better and more dramatic then the first movie. The movie is big and the action is bigger. The movie is full of suspense, not knowing when the next thing is going to try and get them, you are on the edge of your seat throughout. Also what this film did cleverly was introducing new characters while still keeping your main focus on the original Gladers. Also the fact is that the characters are in a whole new setting in a whole new place but it's still them, they keep there vulnerability and their heart from the first movie.

Dylan O'Brien gives a honest and captivating performance as Thomas, taking the role of the groups leader. O'Brian's acting is outstanding in this movie, as is all of the characters. Also I though Rosa Salazar was brilliant as Brenda, new to this movie and I hadn't myself ever seen her in anything else I thought she made a great Brenda.

Dylan O'Brien as Thomas and Rosa Salazar as Brenda.
Dylan O'Brien as Thomas and Rosa Salazar as Brenda.

The visual effects in the movie as well our outstanding, with the destroyed cities and the vast Scorch that they walk across. Also the Cranks were terrifying, the books own version of something much like a zombie, they were there to scare the hell out of you. While watching the movie I did jump a few times because I was so engrossed I really wasn't expecting any of the jump scares.

The Scorch Trials also did well in the way that it gave you information, and hints at what is going on. It is well explained and they added information that you needed to know to keep the story going. They gave you enough information to help you understand without having to fully explain everything and still leave enough to make you wanting to know more. Making you intrigued at what will happen in the third movie.

The movie kept you on the edge of your seat throughout, it made it epic and action packed. There were no slow points and it went so quick. When the credits appeared I couldn't believe that it was over. Also they did a brilliant job finishing it and setting up for the last film in the trilogy The Death Cure.

All I can say is that you should go and see this movie. It's brilliant and defiantly a movie that you should see in the cinema. Seriously go see this movie. Go. Right Now.

(and if you haven't defiantly watch The Maze Runner before you go and see The Scorch Trials.)


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