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Hell. Yes. The new trailer for Arrow Season 4 is finally here and it is a doozy.

Damien Darhk said the words! It's official! We have our Green Arrow! Now get working on that facial hair Oliver.

The trailer also answers a question we were all left asking at the conclusion of Arrow Season 3, namely: what will bring Oliver back to Starling City?

A Time-Skip

This makes sense in terms of where we left off last season, Oliver deserves some time to be happy with Felicity, though we don't need to see that because boring.

So Season 4 is going to open at some point in the future in suburbia, where Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Brett Rickards) are living happily and peacefully together. But Oliver's marriage proposal (cupcakes, really?) is interrupted by - uh oh it's Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and Thea (Willa Holland) and they need the Arrow.

A new threat has come to Starling City; the trailer hints that this will arrive in the form of Anarky - a Batman villain - and of course central Season 4 antagonist Damien Darhk.

Back to Starli - wait, what?

That's right - Starling City has now been renamed Star City in memorandum of Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh)'s supposed death. Although we know that Palmer must have survived the explosion at the end of Season 3 one way or another as he's joining the team on [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) next year.

The name change is actually a really nice touch. Star City is the home of Green Arrow in the DC comics, so it all ties up with the idea that this is Oliver Queen achieving genesis as Green Arrow, separate from the Hood and the Arrow of previous seasons.

New Threads

The Green Arrow suit is finally here! We all knew that Oliver would be getting a new suit this time around, but it's pretty neat to see it in all it's glory. This is a much closer approximation to the Green Arrow suit worn by Oliver in the comics, with the sleeveless arms, so again - it's a nice touch.

I can't say I like Diggle (David Ramsey)'s helmet though; it's a weird shape and makes his face look like he's peeking through a keyhole. It's like a really crappy version of Magneto's helmet from X-Men.

Damien Darhk... has superpowers?

The Arrow iteration of Darhk was always going to shy away from the comic canon as he's a fairly minor Teen Titans villain with no hugely outstanding powers or significance, but this is new.

In the trailer we see Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) stop one of Oliver's arrows with some kind of psychokinesis. What the hey?

McDonough's organisation, H.I.V.E., have been linked to terrorism and an attack on Unidac Industries so could he have gotten his hands on some kind of tech that allows him to do this or is it all something more sinister and mystical? (I hope for the latter.)

Flashbacks - back to the island?

After foiling General Shrieve's plans to destroy Hong Kong, and capping it all off with a nice bit of torture as revenge for Akio's death at the conclusion of the Season 3 flashback arc you'd think past-Oliver would be able to catch a break.

No such luck; it seems Amanda Waller catches up to him again as Oliver dangles from the ceiling, and is seen later torturing someone in a forest like environment - possibly the island? We all know he's headed back there at some point, the important question now is - why?

Are you excited for Arrow Season 4? Have a theory about Damien Darhk, or an opinion on the trailer? Tell us in the comments!


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