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Brooklyn Nine-Nine went from strength to strength last season, delivering our weekly dose of hilarity and cop shenanigans each episode. But after the season 2 finale cliffhanger, a lot of things were left uncertain. How will Gina and Captain Holt fare in their new jobs? And with Holt in HR hell, have we heard the last from Deputy Chief Wuntch?

New Captain, New Problems

Saturday Night Life alumni Bill Hader will be portraying Brooklyn Nine-Nine's new captain in season 3. This will be a difficult transition period for the squad: after their last captain let them run riot, Captain Holt really brought the precinct together under his leadership.

Holt and the team have been through a lot together, and despite his desire to keep his private and professional life separate, Holt found himself embroiled in many personal situations with the team. One of the funniest and most touching moments in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2 was when he was invited to the beach house party, and after being excluded became part of the fun, as Jake created a game based on Holt's quotes.

"Any smile that lasts longer than a second and a half is a conman's ruse."

It's hard to imagine how a new captain could possibly replace Holt, and according to the latest reports, Bill Hader's Captain Dozerman isn't fitting in well at the precinct. Producer and actor Andy Samberg (Jake) gave us some insights into what we can expect to see from Dozerman in season 3 episode 1...

"Captain Dozerman is a severely anal-retentive personality. He is not an obvious fit with the precinct — and Jake in particular — but Jake does his best to acclimate."

We've already heard that Dozerman is notoriously "efficient", and it's likely he'll be clamping down hard on the squad to establish his authority. In the latest stills to be released for episode 1, Jake seems to be attempting to pal around with the new captain, but we'll have to see how long that camaraderie lasts.

Best bros already?
Best bros already?

And Dozerman's not the only addition to the precinct: co-creator Dan Goor laid some hints for another new face we'll be seeing in season 3...

"There’s a chance that it’s just a new captain and there’s a chance that there’s a new captain and a new Gina. It’ll be very cool to see how the new captain acts like a stone tossed into a lake and see what ripples come from that, and there’s a chance to meet some new people in Holt’s office as well."

A new Gina? This seems sacrilegious. Will this character be a polar opposite to Gina, shy and retiring perhaps, or will they be a direct rival to Gina's flamboyant persona? We can't wait to find out.

Meanwhile, Holt and Gina will face boredom aplenty in the department of Public Relations. With Holt's notoriously deadpan interpersonal skills, and Gina's arrogance and contempt for most people she encounters, seeing them in a situation where it's their job to placate people will be potentially hilarious.

Case in point.
Case in point.

But the new captain and new responsibilities aren't the only challenges the squad will face in season 3...

Old Foes Return

We haven't heard the last of Madeleine Wuntch. Despite her promotion and victory over Holt, Dan Goor revealed that the creative team are fully intending to bring her back in season 3.

"Kyra Sedgwick is an incredibly talented and in-demand actress, but we want her back and she’s definitely in the DNA in the show at this point. Nobody gets what she gets out of Holt."

This is certainly true. Nemesis dynamics are always fun to explore, especially when the characters have the wealth of shared history and personal vendettas that Holt and Wuntch do. There's no denying that their banter is some of the best in the show.

And it's not just Wuntch that the squad will have to face next season: Goor revealed he wants to bring back Jake's own nemesis, the Pontiac Bandit. We also spotted this tweet from Brooklyn Nine-Nine's resident stuntman that suggests Jake's rival Detective Pembroke will make a return next season.

It looks like the squad will have plenty to deal with in season 3, as well as figuring out those messy romantic problems too! Tune in September 27th for season 3 episode 1, and don't forget to tell us what you think of these developments in the comments!


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