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Matthew Bailey

There are honestly a ton of shows that I've never watched, mostly because I'm just not interested in it, yet others I've always wanted to watch but never either found the time or actually forced myself to.

One of those shows that I always wish I had started watching but never did is The Walking Dead.

I know, I know sacrilege.

Yet, here I am ashamed to admit that I never actually even watched 5 minutes of The Walking Dead. Honestly, I've never been a big 'horror' fan... I've never actually enjoyed scary movies. I'm nearly 30, and I still catch myself running up the stairs from my basement with a quick glance backwards to make sure nothing is following me. Regardless, I've always been meaning to jump into The Walking Dead, and there are some solid reasons why I should.

It's a survival story.

The characters seem to have been regular people before, living very normal lives but now they are forced to face death and enormous challenges on a daily basis. They face everything from losing friends and family to being chased from their shelter.

More and more questions.

It's not always about running from zombies and trying to survive. Questions arise like: What caused the epidemic? Who will survive? What kind of society can they build when every day is a struggle? - The show seems to be about asking these sort of questions rather than just focusing on how do we kill the zombies?

The Characters.

Everyone seems to be an incredible character within the show. Rick, Daryl, The Governor, Michonne, Andrea, Hershel Green and all the others. They each have their own unique flair to add to the show.


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