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It's less than a month to go now until Supernatural Season 11 premieres, and safe to say we're a little excited about it.

Whoever made this GIF is doing God's work
Whoever made this GIF is doing God's work

The first trailer was released a few days ago, and it promises a season darker than any we've seen before (and there's a lot of competition for that title in Supernatural ). If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below.

Castiel Can't Catch A Break

Poor poor Castiel (Mischa Collins). He's been a fan favourite ever since he was introduced as the angel who pulled Dean out of Hell back in Season 4, but he's being used increasingly as a punching bag for all the awful things Supernatural can throw at him.

Season 10 left our favourite angel under the spell of Crowley's mother Rowena (Ruth Connell). She cast the spell to force him to kill Crowley (what is this, a reverse Oedipus complex?) and it's still coursing through his system as Season 11 opens.

The new trailer shows us a lot of Cass, and most of it looks bad. Supernatural producer Jeremy Carver has confirmed that the first part of Castiel's Season 11 arc will involve his struggles to free himself from the spell, which will prove more difficult than anticipated.

In the spirit of the season, which is the brothers back fighting together, it would be great to see Cass reunited with the Winchesters to fight alongside them again. Castiel was such a wonderful character when he was first introduced because of his moral ambiguity and his hilarious deadpan interactions with Sam and Dean.

It would be nice to dial the angst back a little and return to this dynamic for a while. C'mon writers, give him a break already.

Sam In Hell?

Alright, so let's talk about the opening of the trailer for a second.

It opens with Sam (Jared Padlecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) in the famous Impala, picking up right where Season 10 ended with the Darkness engulfing them. We cut to the empty Impala, Dean shining in a strange light, surrounded by pitch darkness, and Sam gasping for breath as blood runs down his face.

The shots of Sam like this persist throughout the trailer, intercut with scenes of him in a church and his voice-over as he prays to God for help.

The really interesting one though is the shot below, intercut in the quick-fire montage as the trailer climaxes.

Does this remind you of anything? Say, the Season 3 finale?

Maybe I'm reaching, but the minute I saw that shot it reminded me of the brief scene we witness of the time Dean spent in hell in between seasons. The hooks protruding from and pulling at Sam's skin, whilst smaller, certainly bring to mind this representation. We also see numerous shots of him chained up and bleeding, just like Dean was in hell.

The Darkness

We both know how prone our dear Winchesters are to getting infected with, possessed by, or otherwise taken over by otherworldly beings. I guess it comes with the territory when one of you is the destined vessel of Lucifer himself.

That's right, looking at you Sam
That's right, looking at you Sam

We still don't know very much about the Darkness other than it's big, bad, predates the Bible and is possibly older even God himself. From what Ackles has said about the Darkness so far it seems like this entity will eventually take the form of a person.

"As of right now we have it built as one specific entity, obviously that would be a character that we’re introducing. But whatever the reach of that character, what that character can do, we’re not quite sure of. We don’t know the scope of her powers. [She’s] not really a monster. It’s more of a primal force that we know nothing about. There’s no lore; there’s no guidebook; there’s no instruction manual on how to deal with this."

Another interesting thing we saw in the trailer concerning Sam was this:

Is it possible that the images of Sam being tortured are hallucinations brought about by the Darkness infecting his system? As Crowley (Mark Sheppard) says in his voice-over, "it's old, deep, dark...", there's no telling what it can do.

Regardless, Season 11 is shaping up to be really exciting; I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the brothers back together fighting against an antagonistic force and welcome a return to the darker side of the show. What about you?


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