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Over the past several years, Nintendo has sat in the shadows of both Xbox and Playstation systems. With incredible graphics and widely anticipated triple-A titles like Halo and Call Of Duty, Nintendo seems to always get left in the dust of technological improvement. Sure Nintendo has Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 9, but if you want to play Destiny or Skyrim, you tend to go with one of the two competing consoles.

Xbox and Playstation are both taking huge steps ahead with upcoming releases of the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus; two different virtual reality headsets that are currently taking the gaming community by storm. However, with both of those headsets looking at consumer releases in the next couple of years, die-hard Nintendo fans are still looking to the beloved Mario-makers for their step into the world of VR.

Well earlier this week, Nintendo made an announcement that blew fans away with a revelation that has the entire world eagerly waiting for 2016 to come. That announcement was the upcoming new app Pokemon Go.

As far as Nintendo franchises go, Pokemon has always been one of the most popular, right behind Super Mario Bros. While Zelda fans always have to wait several years to take on new adventures with Link, Pokemon fans have new games to enjoy nearly every year. Well Pokemon Go is yet another Pokemon game, but one unlike one you have ever seen before.

Pokemon Go is a free app that will be released for both Apple and Android devices next year. The app connects to the GPS of your phone or tablet and alerts you to Pokemon locations close to you, in real life.

For example, you could be taking a stroll through a park, when suddenly your phone notifies you that a Pokemon is nearby, and it points you in the right direction. If you follow the GPS bearings, your phone will announce the appearance of the Pokemon, which you can then capture like a real Pokemon game.

And it wouldn't be a real Pokemon game if you couldn't trade or battle Pokemon right? Well with this app, you can connect to your friends' phones to trade your collection and even battle them, as if you were a real-life Pokemon trainer.

So far it looks like the app contains first-generation Pokemon like Pikachu and Charizard, but according to the trailer for the app, you will be able to capture legendary Pokemon. The end of the trailer shows hundreds of Pokemon fans rushing to Times Square in New York to combat and capture Mewtwo, the infamous ultra-powerful Pokemon.

This particular app is a gamer's dream. Not only is it a new way to play one of our favorite games, but it forces gamers to go outside! Instead of laying strewn on your couch with a 3DS, you can actually go for a walk to find Pokemon. You could be on your way to work when your phone says that a wild Vulpix is around the corner. Or you could be outside playing a game with friends when you see that a Eevee is right down the street.

While Xbox and Playstation have their hands full with virtual reality headsets, it seems Nintendo is finally kicking it up a notch by bringing video games into real life, rather than real life into video games. Maybe in a few years we will be able to turn our own homes into Zelda dungeons. Who knows? We can only hope.

You can check out the trailer for Pokemon Go here!


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