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David House III

It has come to my attention as a fairly new writer to MoviePilot, that my most read article is "Is this the True Villain of the Suicide Squad". While I am happy and very content with grossing nearly 1100 reads, I have noticed that 2 other very popular writers of whom I won't mention names of, due to my integrity, have stolen MY article written in JULY! These bigger bloggers are ruining the forthcoming of new bloggers everyday. Now, I am not posting this article to try to get people to feel sorry for me, I realize every day new bloggers are getting their articles and main points of their articles stolen and plagiarized WITHOUT even properly quoting (or quoting at all for that matter). So, in order to help new bloggers, and keep blogging as a whole to continue and grow, if you do borrow someone else's ideas, please for the sake of the blogging industry, at least mention, say, "hey this idea stemmed from this blogger." Thank you for reading and have an awesome day!!!


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