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This week Creators on Moviepilot have excelled once again to provide a great variety of content. From easter eggs to breaking news, we've really enjoyed reading every post you guys created and its our pleasure to share another top 10 posts by Creators who are new to the platform.

These guys are new and I'm sure it would mean a lot to them to get a hearty welcome by long-standing Creators on their posts! We'll also be rewarding these top ten new creators with awesome thank you gifts: Check out the winners below by clicking on the titles!

Gremlins of the Galaxy by MASHED

Remember Gremlins? If you don't...well, there's your first task... enjoy! If you have, you've probably wondered what the origin story behind these furry little critters was. The guys over at mashed have done just that...but with a modern Marvel crossover twist! Sit back, click play and enjoy!

Welcome to the Horror Show. Transforming Myself Into Well-Known Characters and Gory Looking Creatures. by Kaitlyn Beckner

The Creators (or should we say creatures!?) in the depths of Moviepilot's Horror pages are well known now for transforming themselves into everything from zombies and killers to full-on corpses. New Creator Kaitlyn Beckner is no stranger to this and demonstrates her abilities to the max in this spine chilling first post! From horror, to gaming, to superheroes - she does it all!

10 Rules for Great Horror by Charlie Ridgely

What makes a horror film great? No, better question. What makes a horror film MEMORABLE? What can writers, directors and actors do to make sure that their brand of terror gets lodged in your brain and haunts you days after the end credits have rolled? We all have different personal tastes, and thus might all have different ideas as to what can make a horror film ‘great’. Well, new Creator Charlie Ridgely has some great ideas as well. Check out his 10 rules of great horror, and see if *his* brand of terror would get under your skin...

'Selfie from Hell': Trying to Make a Viral Video by Meelah Adams

As part of her bachelors thesis, actress and producer Meelah Adams created Selfie From Hell to explore the phenomenon of viral videos. Since launching the one and a half minute video Selfie has gone viral itself, and has everyone shuddering with fear at their front-facing cameras. Check out the short horror clip, and keep an eye over your shoulder next time you feel like snapping a quick selfie. It might just be your last.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas by Christy Marino

There are some parents out there that would do just about anything to make their children happy. There are some mothers out there that will defy all odds and never take 'no' for an answer when it comes to their kids. Christie Marino is a fine example of these moms. Her quest to give her son the perfect Lego birthday party is not only amazing, but should serve as a a perfect example of the saying: "Where there's a will, there's a way!" Check out her post to find out what it took to make this impossible birthday party come to life! Trust me, 'everything is awesome' about this post!

How Our Micro-Budget Movie Ended Up On the Shelves at Best Buy and Walmart by Ryan Bellgardt

Some people make movies for fame and fortune. Some make movies because they want to tell a story. Ryan Bellgardt and his friends made a movie because they wanted to do something they love and they wanted to have fun while doing it. The incredible story on how they managed to get their micro-budget movie from the filming process to the Blu-Ray shelves at Wal-Marts across the country is not only inspiring, but also one that you definitely need to check out!

Portrait Collection by Jake Kontou

I'll be honest with you, I definitely wouldn't mind having one of the following pieces by new Creator Jake Kontou on my wall at home. His work is that fan-tastic! His portraits of iconic characters are probably the coolest fan art I've seen in a while, as his minimalist style perfectly captures each character's unique likeness. If you happen to like Marvel, Star Wars, The Last of Us or even the UFC, then you're most definitely going to LOVE his digital work!

Skin Thief: A Short Horror Film by Cody Rhyse

If there's one thing we like to support over here at Moviepilot, it's creativity. New Creator Cody Rhyse and his filmmaking partner Tim Buel, intrigued by existing urban legends, embarked on a quest to explore the idea of identity and what that means from a four-dimensional perspective. They grabbed their camera, made a couple of calls and the rest, as they say, is history. I highly recommend you check out their fascinating short horror film, Skin Thief!

What Color Would Your Lightsaber Be? by Justin Vampatella

The one great thing about the prequels is that it introduced new multi-coloured lightsabers to Star Wars on the big screen. While we were stuck with blue, green and red in the original trilogy, we now have a rainbow of colors to wield! This quiz will analyze your personality and determine the perfect hue for your elegant and sophisticated weapon.

Digital Painting Collection by Deborah Illanes

Newbie Moviepilot Creator and graphic design student, Deborah Illanes, has shared her stunning digital paintings with us this week. From celebrities to amazing DC characters, head over and check out the amazing showcased talent!

This week, we are also proud to announce the first episode of Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them, a weekly recap of awesome content by Moviepilot creators. Watch, like and subscribe to keep up to date with the brand new show:

We're really looking forward to another fantastic week ahead with even more amazing new creators who have decided to join our creative family.


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