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We've heard a lot of Transformers 5 news in the last few months. First Michael Bay leaves, then Paramount assembled an epic brain trust of writers to spit out up to 12 sequels. This was apparently enough to tempt Bay back, and so now he's consulting with the writers' room. But what glorious plots do they have in store for Transformers 5? Well, they might be doing away with all those pesky humans and setting the whole movie in space!

Cybertron Origins

So here's the concept. For years fans have been hoping for a movie based solely around those robots in disguise, without the human interest drama. The idea is to set this film on Cybertron, the Transformers' homeworld, as the Autobots and Decepticons battle for dominance. This might work for Transformers 5, and not just as a prequel, but telling the story through flashbacks as Optimus Prime searches space for his creators, the Quintessons.

This would be a great way to grab fans: we've heard a lot about why the Transformers came to Earth in the first place, but we've never seen it. Having Transformers 5 be a prequel would be a great way to refresh the franchise. But that's not the only possibility. Setting the movie in space, as Optimus continues his search and remembers Cybertron, might allow the writers to bring in a fan fave that has been so far eliminated from the Transformers Franchise - Unicron!

The producers have shied away from using Unicron before, as it wouldn't make a lot of sense to have him appear in an Earth-based plot. But if the next movie really is going to be set in space, it would be ludicrous to ignore Unicron. We certainly have the CGI capabilities to do him justice, and who wouldn't love to see a Transformer than can literally turn into a planet?

Well, voice actor Mark Ryan seems to think this is a possibility. At the UK Wings & Wheels convention, Ryan revealed some tantalising teasers about Transformers 5. According to reports, Transformers 5 will indeed feature a plot that takes place mainly in space, as Optimus' quest to find the Quintessons will lay groundwork for future sequels. And Ryan seems to think that yes, Unicron will play a big role in this story.

But wait, didn't the producers debunk this already?

No Space Story For Transformers

Concept art for Cybertron
Concept art for Cybertron

Back in 2014, IGN reported that yes, a movie set entirely in space had been considered and pitched at Paramount HQ. And apparently, not everyone was on board with the idea.

"We've debated whether we should ever shoot anything in space or not, and I don't think we've come to that conclusion. There are attractive notions to it, and unattractive."

According to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, there is one big problem with setting a movie in space, and that's the idea of abandoning the human plot completely.

"We want our humans with us. So going to space might force an all-Transformers movie, and while I think some fans would love that, I think other fans would be disappointed they don't have humans. So I think that's the creative decision we've got to face about that idea."

There have been big changes in the Transformers creative team since then, so who knows, maybe we could see an all robot movie in the future. In fact, there's rumours of a spinoff movie entitled Transformers One that will be the one to set in space, and THAT will be the prequel, rather than incorporating flashbacks into Transformers 5.

So far, reports vary widely. But what do you think is the most likely to happen? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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