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I lived in a pretty lax home. There wasn't much I wasn't allowed to watch. I've been watching rated R movies since I was 7. Then again back then rated R was a little more strict than it is now and things didn't try quite as hard to earn that R rating. Especially considering something like Phone Booth was rated R in 2002 which was one of my all time favorite movies. A movie I still hold in high regard. My mom trusted that I was mature enough to separate what I see on tv from reality and believed if I didn't understand it I probably wouldn't pay it any attention anyway which was extremely true. I had a very short attention span for adult shows other than Friends. Seinfeld, Cheers, Fraiser all that stuff growing up just didn't interest me mainly because I had no clue what was going on. You might say I wasn't sophisticated or educated enough. All I watched was action films and comedies anyway.

Being that way though most things short of straight up pornography or graphic sex I was pretty much allowed to watch on tv though not encouraged. The problem was when I came across a show that was sort of staring down the barrel of being softcore porn with a storyline I never fully understood at the time but I still enjoyed.

I've always loved this show. I never really understood all of it though until I became an adult. So if you read Day 1 you already know I have a strange obsession with relationships. Well this show was brimming to the max with relationships. Everyone had a relationship with everyone. Whether it was sisters struggling to reconnect or lovers who had lost the passion in their relationship. I didn't have to understand every joke to be obsessed with this show. The characters felt so real to me. I just knew this is the lifestyle adults got to live and what I had to look forward to. Getting together with your friends and having meals, listening to your bachelor/ette friend talk about the people they've slept with and having interesting and exciting careers. It was what I assumed girls got from watching Sex and the City except the L word had actual sex in it. I'm sure I could have gotten the same thing out of Entourage but guys are stupid and less interesting.

Let's see. The L Word came out around 2004. I would have been about 12/13 then. Most people know this but if you stay up late the Cinemax channel has what's called Skinemax or something along those lines which is just softcore porn with bad acting but sometimes catchy titles. Hardly ever vice versa. Well my mom knew about this long before I did and pretty much banned all that stuff so when she saw me watching the L word she assumed it was one of those shows and attempted to block it too. F that noise though, I'm a bawss, I do what I want. So that's when I got really good at reading captions because I completely muted the show and would watch it using the tv captions. Thankfully Showtime wasn't cheap with the caption budget like some other shows. Little did I know this would help me in the future as I started watching subtitled Anime when I was 16.

Favorite Character: Bette Porter

I know I should pick Shane or Alice as that's usually everyone's favorite, or even Marina because she is gorgeous, but I've always loved Bette. Jennifer Beals just does it for me. She is always this headstrong character who seems like she always has everything under control but the second things goes wrong she just folds like a little girl and it's up to Tina to come to the rescue and make her feel like it's going to be ok. I've always wanted to be that person, the powerful person who can lift the whole world if I needed to but to have my Tina by my side for when the world gets a little heavy.


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