ByVictoria Denham (House of Denham), writer at

I will be the first to admit that I have never been a huge rap/hip hop fan and while I'm sure lovers of the genre will find this a fairly enjoyable watch, casuals outsiders like me may find it, well… boring. Don't expect to learn anything about the music this film advocates or the characters that dominated it's world that you can't learn better from Wikipeadia. Despite reasonably strong performances the film never escapes it's formulaic plot and two dimensional characters. It's difficult not to scoff when Eric Wright's (AKA Easy E's) decline due to Aids is solely portrayed by a bad cough or the inevitable financial manipulation purport rated by manager Jerry Heller basically boils down to a luke warm confrontation in Heller's kitchen. Given the rich historical subject matter and the collaboration of Dr Dre and Ice-Cube themselves it still seems to side-step around the real grit of Compton, racial inequality and the real NWA. Disappointing.


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