ByMarcus A. Moutra, writer at

With the new season of the fangtastic, steaming love bitting, hot vampires, sexy witches, and mouthwatering teachers coming this October one question still remains "How will TVD survive without Ms. Nina Dobrev aka Elena?" Let's face it not everyone loved Elena, but regardless she was the star of the show. Many believe it was all about the Savaltores, but I on the other hand felt Elena was THE MAIN CHARACTER. On the bright side no more love triangle. Anyways, so now all you Elena bashers can relax, because this season won't be all about Ms. Save Me.

Now here's what we know so far Elena will most likely sleep until the series finale, or whenever Kat Graham aka Bonnie decides she's done playing the sexy life sacrificing Bennett witch. Also Damon will pretty much grief on the inside, but still remain drop dead no pun intended handsome. Thus, in the meantime does this mean the TVD writers are finally dare I say it GIVING BONNIE MORE SCREEN TIME!!! P.S- Also what about her love life? Can't she end up with a warlock who isn't tryna to use her? Anyone as long as it's not Damon.


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