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The CW‘s breakout hit show, no not Arrow, The Flash has introduced us to various characters in their first season. Much the way Smallville did not too long ago, The Flash (along with Arrow) seems to be the doorway to the TV DC Universe. We’ve seen Firestorm, The Atom, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Kendra Saunders, and Reverse Flash. The upcoming season 2 promises more DCU characters making their debuts.

Hawkman/Carter Hall – Falk Hentschel

Carter Hall is an archaeologist who discovered a dagger with a crystal blade. He falls into an unconscious state and starts dreaming of himself as the ancient Egyptian prince Khufu. Khufu was opposed by Hath-Set, a priest of the hawk-god Anubis. Hath-Set captured Khufu and his spouse, Shiera, then had them sacrificed using the crystal blade, and Khufu swore he would come back and take revenge. He awakes and takes a walk to think through what had happened. On the way, he runs into a woman he recognizes, who is the reincarnation of Shiera. She proves it by telling him that she too has had strange visions. Because they met due to a subway disaster, he decides to investigate into the matter. He takes Shiera home and dons his costume. He also mysteriously knows about the “Nth Metal” which has anti-gravitational properties. The Nth Metal is now a part of Carter’s body, but his appearance is not greatly different than previous versions.

Vandal Savage – Casper Crump

Through unknown means and under unknown circumstances, cave-dweller Vandar Adg was gifted with immortality at the dawn of human history. Trusting this was the will of his gods, he set out to honor them with periodic sacrifices while he amused himself with wine, women, song, and bloodlust. After the most recent fall of Camelot, in the 10th century, Vandar found himself in the town of Little Spring, and wound up accidentally founding the Demon Knights. He fought in the crusades against Pandora. In the 19th century, he was a man of dark repute, coming toGotham City to further some end but ending up in conflict withJonah Hex. Just over a decade ago, he was living as Jon Savage in an American suburb when it was time to please his gods. The police, regarding the crimes as the work of a serial killer. The profiler who finally made the connection led the squad that took him down, but was tragically killed in the process. Savage was sent to jail for the murders.

Atom Smasher/Al Rothstein - Adam Copeland

Albert Rothstein was the grandson of the reluctant super-villain known as Cyclotron, from whom Albert inherited his metahuman powers by which he can control his molecular structure (allowing him to alter the size and density of his body). He was the godson of Al Pratt, the Golden Age Atom, and raised to becoming a hero known as Nuklon and becoming a charter member of Infinity, Inc.and subsequently served in the Justice League. He took the Atom Smasher identity shortly before the founding of the current Justice Society of America, of which he was a charter member.

The Flash/Jay Garrick – Teddy Sears

Jay Garrick is a speedster and a member of the Wonders of the World on Earth 2 as The Flash. Jay began as a troubled college graduate whose life seemed to be going nowhere. He had been dating a young woman named Joan until she decided that they were spinning their wheels. She left him and he decided to contemplate his future on a small hill on the outskirts of town. It was there that what he thought was a meteor crashed nearby, and he chose to investigate. He discovered the dying god Mercury, who had just escaped from his captors who had held him since the invasion from Apokolips was defeated. When Jay asked if it was the forces of Apokolips that imprisoned him he said that it was a force much darker. Mercury warned that there needed to be a new age of heroes to fight this force and that he saw greatness in Jay that perhaps Jay couldn’t see in himself. Before dying he imbued Jay with his power and told him to trust no one.

Hunter Zolomon/Zoom – Tony Todd

Hunter Zolomon is Zoom, a speedster super-villain and enemy to the Flash who became the third Reverse-Flash. Originally working as a metahuman profiler for the KCPD, he was crippled by Gorilla Grodd and gained powers through an accident with the Cosmic Treadmill. Zolomon lost his mind and dedicated his life to making former friend Wally West a better hero through tragedy.

Wally West/Kid Flash – Keiynan Lonsdale

In the New 52 Wally was never The Flash. His father abandoned him and his mother when Wally was just a baby. Wally’s mother has gone missing during the Crime Syndicate’s invasion of Earth. He is seen spray painting graffiti on a wall and is caught by Barry and arrested. Iris tells Barry that Wally looked up to his uncle Daniel, even after the latter became the Reverse Flash. After getting out of jail, Iris asks Barry to watch over him for a while.

Jesse Chambers/Jesse Quick – Violett Beane

The daughter of golden age heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, Jesse inherited their super-powers: greatly enhanced speed and strength. She studied metahumans for her college degree and has become a super-hero herself, against her mother’s wishes, working alongside the Justice Society for a short time, later joining the Conglomerate and the Titans. She also runs Quickstart Enterprises, her late father’s business, and can be rather workaholic.

Henry Hewitt/Tokamak – Demore Barnes

Henry Hewitt was a rich man with a problem – he had no immunity to disease. Thankfully, he was wealthy, and had the money of the Hewitt Corporation behind him, to keep him isolated from the world outside. He used this money in tandem with the 2000 Committee in an attempt to take over the world. To this end, he planned on using Multiplex to help him repeat the accident that created Firestorm. He first tried this out on Lorraine Reilly, who he had been brainwashing and using to manipulate her father – Senator Walter Reilly, and turned her into Firehawk. Then, he used the transformation on himself, and became Tokamak, the living reactor. Though confined in a sealed suit, he had the power over nuclear reactions, and could cause molecules to contract at his command, which he usually used to ensnare his victims and caused them to implode on themselves. His doom was sealed in a conflict with Firestorm, wherein the hero opened his suit, causing him to leak away. But, he was one of the many villains recruited by Brainiac and Luthor during the villain war of the Crisis, though his restoration may have only been a temporary thing, due to the time and physic dilations of the Crisis and his lack of re-appearances.

Eddie Slick/Sand Demon – Kett Turton

Eddie Slick was a small time mobster who happened to look very much like Martin Stein. He was feeding mutagenic drugs to wrestlers (such as King Crusher) to enhance their performance. This drove King Crusher insane, and he began to pursue Eddie with the intent to kill him. Fortunately for Eddie, he ran across Martin Stein, who was on a date with Dr. Emily Rice, and King Crusher pursued Martin instead. Martin manifestedFirestorm (after getting away from Emily) and Ronnie and the Professor stopped King Crusher and Eddie. Eddie never did recover from this, and was caught by his mob, and buried in the Las Vegas desert. Eddie was revived as the Sand Demon, and attacked the mobsters who had killed him in Vegas, and confused the new Firestorm (Ronnie and Mikhail) who, for a time thought he was Martin Stein. This new Firestorm stopped the Sand Demon, and later, found the real Martin Stein.

Patty Spivot – Shantel VanSanten

Patty Spivot works as the blood expert for the Central City Police Department crime lab. Patty worked closely alongside Barry Allen for apparently two years, during which both developed feelings for each other.

Lewis Snart – Michael Ironside

The patriarch of the Snart family of criminals, Captain Cold and Golden Glider. This will be an original character that has not been in the comics aside from mentions of him being abusive. If Lewis will become a Flash rouge remains to be seen, but having Ironside in the series is a brilliant casting choice.


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