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So there are a lot of missing Avengers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the moment. While Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man have all been confirmed thus far to appear and Blade has been hinted, I'm still holding out for a particular few more to make their MCU début.

With that in mind I thought, in answer to the question "Who is the Next Avenger You Want to See on the Big Screen?" I'd present my Top 5 choices.

5. Namor the Sub-Mariner

I know almost nothing about this guy, the only thing I know is that he is Marvel's answer to Aquaman and given the upcoming Marvel vs. DC war approaching with the Justice League arriving next year, I think the MCU needs their own Atlantean to compete with Jason Momoa.

4. Storm

So while Storm is originally an X-Woman and therefore primarily part of the Fox Marvel Cinematic Universe, they've split Quicksilver into two personae and that seems to have worked for everyone.

Why I want to see Storm in the MCU is for Black Panther; the main thing I know Black Panther for is his marriage to Storm. Even as a cameo I just want to see her.

3. Spider-Woman

So they're making a hatchet job of getting us excited for Spider-Man finally joining the MCU so why not bring in someone who has never been seen on the big screen before?

I think the Spider-Man movie franchise on the whole needs that great talking point or key selling point and Miles Morales obviously isn't going to appear anytime soon, so why not Jessica Drew?

2. Wolverine

Like Storm, Wolverine is primarily an X-Man yadda yadda yadda, but whenever in the subject has come up in the past; the two comic book Avengers fans have wanted to see in the movie version are Spider-Man and Wolverine...Spider-Man is joining so why not Wolverine?

Also, from what I know, the X-Men Cinematic Universe is getting a reboot after Wolverine 3 so why not bridge the gap and bring Wolverine into Phase 4?

1. Captain Mar-Vell

So there are two Captain Marvels in the Marvel Universe which confused me at first; Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers has already been confirmed to appear yet Captain Mar-Vell the Kree predecessor of the mantle is yet to even be rumoured.

I know in the comics it's Mar-Vell's death that makes Carol Danvers take on the Captain Marvel persona BUT I have a purely selfish reason for him being my number one choice to see in the MCU.

I've made no secret about wanting the Young Avengers in the MCU in some capacity. With Captain America, Scarlet Witch and Vision on the team we pave the way for Patriot, Speed, Wiccan and Vision II respectively, with Cassie Lang already introduced.

If Mar-Vell was introduced then it paves the way for Hulkling. Also the Kree have already been introduced and Mar-Vell is an honourary member of the Avengers as well as an associate of the Defenders which ties Marvel's Cinematic and TV Universe together.

That's my main reason for wanting Captain Mar-Vell and why he is my number one choice.


Do you agree with my choice or do you think I missed someone better?


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