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There so much anticipated movies that come out between the end of 2015 and a majority of 2016. This article will be predicting the box office numbers and critical reception of these anticipated films. Let get to it!


Box Office Prediction: 1 billion exactly.

Critical Reception: 90%

The next installment in the James Bond franchise is sure to pull in big numbers. The movie so far looks solid and looks to deliver as usual. And adding in possibly it could be the last time Daniel Craig plays the British spy so expect a huge gathering on opening night. The last James Bond film, Skyfall, hit the billion mark so don't expect this one to earn any less. I expect this movie fully to deliver another solid entry into the well know franchise and be a critical and financial success.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

Box Office Prediction: 900 million.

Critical Reception: 80%.

The finale to the Hunger Games franchise starring Jennifer Lawrence as the protagonist in the series Katniss Everdeen. The whole franchise so far has been a critical and financial success and this film is expected to do no less. So far none of the movies have been able to pull in a billion the closest being Catching Fire. I predict this movie will be a critical improvement over it sequel MockingJay-Part 1 and will be a bigger finical success grossing over 900 million worldwide, but just missing the billion mark.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Box Office: 2 billion+

Critical Reception: 88%

The epic saga known as Star Wars will be making it return on December 18th, 2015. People are predicting Star Wars to shatter the box-office and challenge Avatar to be the highest grossing movie of all time. The movie will definitely bring in fans new and old and will fill up seats quicker than ever. In my honest prediction i do expect Star Wars to break numerous records and be on a box office rampage and in the process become the highest grossing movie ever while being a critical success and starting a new trilogy that will once again be one of the top faces of Hollywood again. Does this make you happy Star Wars fans? Expect this movie to be in the history books folks.


Box Office Prediction: 500 million.

Critical Reception: 85%

Who doesn't love Deadpool? Deadpool is creating loads of buzz with it r-rating and is expected to be a surprise hit as fans have been wanting a faithful adaptation to the character on the big screen since the massive abonimation that was of the character in X-men: Wolverine Origins. The footage we've seen looks really good and is staying true to the character's trait with his wise-cracking jokes and fourth wall breaks. Since Deadpool is releasing in a month where movies generally don't too well there is a cause of concern. Ultimately I think Deadpool will be a surprise box office hit and be a critical smash and become a cult film that will be remembered by passionate fans for a very long time. Now who wants chimichangas?

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Box Office Prediction: 1.5 billion

Critical reception: 83%

Batman vs Superman is no doubt one the biggest movies of all time as it is cinematic history in the making as this is the first time ever Batman and Superman are on the screen together for the first time in live-action. This movie is expected to be a box-office gorilla smashing it way through the record books and being an improvement over it successor Man of Steel. So far this movie has had a load of doubt but within time is being looked as one of the most anticipated movies ever. Batman vs Superman will strike gold in the box office and will finally launch the DC movie-verse that DC fans have been waiting forever for. Critics on the other hand will see an massive improvement and will be a critical success ultimately proving all the naysayers wrong.

Captain America: Civil War.

Box Office Prediction: 1.2 billion.

Critical Success: 82%

Marvel's Civil War is gonna be one of the biggest movies of next year and for good reason. We get to see Captain America vs. Iron Man, the introduction of Spider-man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first ever live-action adaptation of Black Panther. This movie is being directed by the Russo brothers who directed Captain America: Winter Solider and we all know how solid of a film that was. Expect Civil War to be a box office hit and critical smash and becoming another solid entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

X-Men Apocalypse.

Box Office Predictions: 955 million.

Critical Reception: 79%

The finale to the X-Men First Class trilogy, we will be getting our first look at famous X-Men villain known as Apocalypse. Apocalypse being the villain in the final entry of this series fits as he is one of their most powerful foes and could potentially threaten the entire world. So far footage and images of this movie has been positive other than the look of Apocalypse which has caused an outcry among fans and have been the butt of many jokes. But nonetheless this should be another solid entry in this long running franchise and add a conclusive story to the First Class trilogy. Apocalypse will be the highest grossing movie of the franchise and become another critical success to fans and critics alike.

Suicide Squad.

Box Office Predictions: 850 million.

Critical Reception: 86%

Suicide Squad is DC's second movie releasing in the year 2016. Suicide Squad won't exactly be about superheroes but more about an all villain lineup called Task Force X. The group consists of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and famous Batman villain Joker with an unknown role. This movie is an obscure property and sort of a risk but with an all star cast surrounding it and it famous characters it could end up being a surprise hit. The trailer already passed the BvS trailer in views so that probably a good sign of things to come for this movie. I think overall Suicide Squad will do a little better critically than Batman vs Superman and be a box-office hit for such an obscure property and even further the DC launching pad even more. Trust me on this one guys.

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