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What is the purpose of a limited series? Well, usually it's a way to being about a shorter story for a character that we already know something about. But, what is the goal of a limited series when it features versions of characters that we don't know anything about? Well, usually it's to get us invested in the characters and make us care about what happens to them when the series ends? But, what happens when we quit caring and can't even figure out what the purpose of the limited series even was? Well, the the limited series failed to accomplish what it set out to do. That, is the case for Planet Hulk written by Sam Humphries.

By the start of the limited series, we were introduced to Steve Rogers, who was trying to get his freedom back from God Doom by going to the Greenlands to kill the Red King, who was holding Bucky Barnes hostage. That had all the potential of leading to a pretty exciting story. We were introduced to the newest version of Doc Green, who was holding some type of secret and a slew of other Hulks, who had zero personality at all. By the end of issue 2, the series started to fall apart slowly as we were just given battle after battle with little story development, and only the art of Marc Laming was saving the series. But, by the end of issue 4, we learned that Bucky was already dead, and this whole series was for nothing.Now, we are at the conclusion and it ended exactly how we expected it to end. Yes, with alot of violence. But, there wasn't any suspense at all. Minus the identity of Doc Green, this issue offered no excitement at all and even that wasn't that great because it didn't even make sense by the end. Not all limited series need to end with a happy ending. Some of the best didn't. But, there needs to be some sort of closure so we know what was going to happen next. This failed to give us any form of closure. In short, I have no idea what the focus or message for this series was supposed to be. There's some good ideas that, had they been used differently, did have the potential for creating some memorable moments.Instead,we have a storyline that doesn't really go anywhere or say anything worthwhile, which I will forget about in a month or so, and characters that don't really feel like the ones they're based off of. If you're on the fence as to whether or not the Planet Hulk series is for you, I'd recommend you probably sit it out, but if you've read to this point and you really want to see how it ends or just round off the series then go for it, it has a couple of good moments but the bad does outweigh the good. I give this final part a 4 out of 10.


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