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I'm just a BIG SWEATY NERD and I want to talk about comics as much as I can. I look forward to dissecting certain story arcs and characters;
Patrick Beswick

Helllooooooo MoviePilot community! As I'm sure you can gather by this post's title, this is my first contribution. I just wanted to briefly introduce myself.

And I am so happy to be here! ( that happy guy up there....that's me)

The truth is, I've been a huge Mp fan for quite a bit now, and whilst doing ( yes "whilst") some research, some looking around the web, yadda yadda, Mp seemed to be the only site where I could pretty much just jump on a board and start writing if I wanted to. Writing about the things that interest me-

Yup. You guessed it, baby! Those " things" would be comics. Well, you didn't so much guess it as I strategically placed a picture of a bunch of comic books that made it pretty clear as day. Ah, but that's not the point!

I am very passionate about comics. I am a lifelong reader, a lifelong lover. Don't get me wrong, I love all the movies we're getting, but sometimes I feel like comic books themselves kind of get glossed over, and I want to try to do whatever I can to maybe rectify that...even a lil' bit.

I would really love to get into healthy discussions about comics. Whenever I write an article I am sincerely always going to try my best to have it be somewhat of a unique topic or an interesting out of the box perspective on the material. Or maybe just something nobody has noticed yet. I do not plan on just writing articles for the sake of writing articles.

Ehhhhhhh? Whaddaya think?

So that's me, guys. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this experience! I can't wait to GEEK OUT with some of you, it'll be a blast! Any and all feedback is welcome, and again, I am so glad to be a part of the MoviePilot community!


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